rock and roll hall of fame
July 10, 2010 7:29:27 PM UTC Post #1

went to the rrhof friday and they took down all the skynyrd stuff i didnt see anything that had to do with them. whats up with that?

July 11, 2010 8:33:22 PM UTC Post #1


We went last summer and were very dissappointed with the lack of Skynyd stuff on display....
Bear in mind, it was just weeks after Michael Jackson died.....But in the lobby was a large display case with 5 guitars....(and it was in the camera friendly area)....And last year there was a pic and bio of Billy on the memorial wall, as it was the year of his passing...other than that, I understand one of Gary's guitars is on display inside......


Looking for the next SUMMIT............

July 11, 2010 8:36:11 PM UTC Post #2

We've never been.
Yesterday I went to the site online and watched the live performance from 2006 - it was great. The acceptance speech was really nice. The link to watch the performance is on W of W if you want to watch, it has current band, past band members and Kid Rock.

July 11, 2010 10:32:31 PM UTC Post #3

last year they had garys guitar and a picture of billy but i didnt see any thing this year.

July 12, 2010 12:02:58 AM UTC Post #4

Gary's Guitar WAS in The Les Paul Section of the Hall with Duane Allman's , the last time I was there which was about,I wanna say,5 Years ago. I took a picture of it with my Camera Phone.They had a HUGE Allman Bros. Display,however , aside From the Guitar , sadly, I saw no more evidence of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was hoping they would have a section of their own there,but sadly,no such luck.

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July 12, 2010 3:34:02 AM UTC Post #5

LYNYRD SKYNYRD is one of the biggest acts our great nation ever produced and a rock museum aint recognizing them with proper display? ?
What a joke that RRhall is
never been to the hall im not a big fan of driving in OHIO ? its Ohio that must explain it all
I dont know how a place like the rock n roll hall of fame ended up there? OHIO 10-4 over outs.........

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!
July 12, 2010 3:51:55 AM UTC Post #6

I hadn't seen much the last time I went [about a year ago], but then again, I hadn't really been looking [I liked Skynyrd at the time, but I'm a bigger fan now than I was then.]

I do recall looking at the signature wall, noting that LS's 9 members was second only to Parliament/Funkadelic's 16

Saw another artifact or two, but don't recall details.
As my sig says, LS is way underrated amongst the classic bands. No no surprise the RnRHoF is amongs that ground, unfortunately.

Thanks for the tip, Paul - Skynyrd is one of the most underrated classic rock bands. We in Skynyrd Nation know better.

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