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Ricky is a class act, this article was copied from Charlie Hargretts web page I remember the show like it was yesterday and the next day it made the mtv news and they where callin it the BlackHatchet show ...... Blackfoot did their set then the BlackHatchet set. I always enjoyed seeing Danny Joe Brown live but this was a once in a life time show


Kansas City 1983 Blackfoot was touring with Molly Hatchet when, with no warning, Hatchet's singer Danny Joe Brown, and guitarists Steve Holland and Duane Roland, fly home one night after a show, right in the middle of the tour. Only lead guitarist Dave Hlubek, drummer B.B. Borden and bassist Riff West show up in Kansas City the next day.
That night, after a real quick "rehearsal" in the backstage dressing room, Medlocke and Charlie Hargrett sit in with Molly Hatchet for their set. Medlocke took Danny Joe Brown's place as frontman, and Charlie played rhythm guitar behind Hlubek's lead, with rhythm section B.B. and Riff. The rest of Hatchet re-joined the tour the next day.

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=ls-rickeyfan said:Who else out there is a huge Rickey Medlocke fan?.......If anyone else loves Rickey Medlocke as much as I do please leave your comments on this thread....I'm curious to see who else out there loves Rickey and his music as much as I do

First of all - HELL YEAH I DO TOO! Check out my name!!

Second- I can't believe I just spotted this thread almost a year later!!! I just joined the site last April and never really have dug into the older posts. Just happend to notice this one in the list of active threads when you first hit the boards under current active users.

My story (sorry it will be a little long):
Last Feb. or March I happend to catch the L/S Soundstage show they had recorded in Chicago the previous Fall. I was only 12 in '77, but I had always been a L/S fan, not as devoted as the folks on this site, but loved their music and knew the classics. Honestly, I really wasn't aware of the newer material. I must have been hiding under a very big rock for many years! I loved (and still love) southern rock and classic rock and hard rock. When you listening to classic rock only stations, you tend to miss the new stuff.

While watching the Soundstage show, about 3 songs in I was mesmorized by the guitarist in the black chaps - he drew me in like a moth to a flame. I HAD to know who he was and it didn't take me long to find out it was Rickey. I have always had a "thing" for guitarists and he is one of the best! I instantly became (and still am) obsessed and started searching the internet for anything and everything related to him. I joined the fan club, immediately bought Gods & Guns and fell in love with L/S all over again. Since then I have bought 5 Blackfoot CD's and the live DVD of the European of their tours, which has become my prized possesion. I must have been hiding under that rock again as I missed the Blackfoot era although I do remember Train, Train and Highway Song playing on the radio. Looking back now, Blackfoot would have been my idea band!!

My L/S collection of CD's and DVD's has grown in leaps and bounds over this past year as well and I can't get enough of them. L/S and Blackfoot are the only CD's loaded in my car and I listen to them all the time. I've been to 2 L/S concerts and have tickets to my 3rd this summer. For every one, I have been lucky enough to be on the correct side of the stage (for me) and close enough to think I could "almost" reach out and touch him. Perhaps one of days, I'll score the prized front row seats!! This summer it's 3rd row!! And I am hoping and praying they'll do another cruise. I'll so be there when they do!

If I am ever lucky enough to meet Rickey, I'll have to thank him for his talent, music, passion and for my new good frynd whom I met on these message boards who is also a big Rickey fan - and she saw him and met him in his Blackfoot days! He is a special man, as is everyone in the band! I love his energy, devotion, dedication. He is a treat and a pleasure to watch and I love watching him interact w/the crowds and JVZ. The entire band is amazing and I am so glad that I re-discovered L/S and discovered Rickey and Blackfoot. Would have loved to have seen "BlackHatchet". I saw Molly Hatchet, the Outlaws and .38 Special in my high school days. Blackfoot and RVZ would have been special additions to my memories. Now I have new ones!!

Sorry to have babbled on for so long- I've got it bad! Hard to belive I'm not a smitten teenager instead of a 45-yr old gal!! Thanks for the thread and all the great stories about Rickey and the band and all my new frynds! I can't wait to meet more!


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