Rickey Medlocke
June 05, 2012 3:26:02 PM UTC Post #1

Hey Rickey,
My wife's grandfather is Shorty Medlocke, But she never knew him her dad was adopted and his mother was Venice and she was married to Shorty for a short time in the late fourty's. I understand that Curtis Lowe was a song about Shorty, We love the song. anyway my wife must have received some of the musical gene in the family and can play most insturments and sing. She would enjoy hearing more about her biological grandfather and is working on some family history, at one time she had a contact of you sister in Las Vagas but has lost her conection to her. we would enjoy hearing from you. Went to the Skynard concert in Charlotte two years ago and had a blast love the band and all of your songs

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