PLZ lynyrd skynyrd!?
December 18, 2011 7:40:18 PM UTC Post #1

Hello good lads of lynyrd skynyrd. So I am 13 years old now and sunce a year a huge fan of lynyrd skynyrd. I live in the Netherlands and when i looked on the tour bord the other day, I saw that you guys came to Europe again and I was happy! But when i kept looking the list i saw that the closest you came to the Netherlands, (the east because I live in the east of the Netherlands) was Frankfurt. from my home this is about 3/4 hours driving and my dad just wouldn`t do that and i cant go on my own so with this post i wanted to ask you guys if it would be possible if you would come to a place like Dusseldorf or Köln or maybe even better in the east of the Netherlands so that my father would go with me. (my father is more of a queen fan and that sounds wel...different than lynyrd skynyrd) but in my life i wanted to see you guys at least once and i would love to hear you guys playing stuff like free bird and all i can do is wright about it. (this last one because i can play it myself on guitar too :D)

so by this, greets from a young boy from the Netherlands whose soul keeps longing for the good music and not that dog poo they play on the radio todays.

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