Please help me on this, Please
May 01, 2010 10:00:00 AM UTC Post #1

I am a member and have been for a couple of years. Well, a couple of months ago , I logged on to order my presale tix for CT. and it told me I had to join the fan club. So I thought , maybe its annual, so I sent the 25.00 and got the fan club T shirt again and went to get my presale for PNC in NJ and again it told me I didnt belong to the fan club . so that is 2 concerts I am missing. So, can you please fix my account and maybe help me get a PNC ticket.
I've been seening Skynyrd since 1987 and I'm talking at least 7 times a year. I go on the cruise every year and I'm not diggin' the way this fan club site is treating me , so please help.


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