Paid bucks got 1 hr
October 10, 2011 8:46:09 AM UTC Post #11

=harleylover said:Ok folks do not get me wrong, I am a Skynyard fan for life but was a bit dissapointed I saw these guys Sept. 24th in Wendover, NV I paid $85 bucks for my ticket (not evan front row) and they play 1hr talk about not getting ur moneys worth they were suppose to start 7:00pm they stared 7:14pm and end at 8:15pm came back for 13mins of Freebird anf that was it.. I was not a happy camper to pay the bucks and get 1hr.. I saw them 4years ago same place they playe 2hrs..


That's a shame. Hopefully your next show will be longer.


October 10, 2011 8:48:46 AM UTC Post #12

=hill_seven said:@RR.............

We can't please everyone...all the tyme......LOL

harleylover should be grateful that the spelling policeman has't seen her post!!!!!!!!!!LOL


I hope no-one's noticed that you've taken on the role of spelling policeman


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