Nov.7,2009,concert Bloomington,IL.
November 08, 2009 8:37:17 AM UTC Post #1

Finally made it to a Skynyrd concert in Bloomington,IL. Great concert from begining to end! Started out playing Skynyrd Nation and ended up with Freebird of course! The feeling of the crowd really added to the excitement of it too. Best part is when Johnny handed his American flag kerchief to a soldier in the front row and held a moment of silence for the victims of Fort Hood. Thanks,Johnny,Gary,Rickey,and the rest of the band for a great concert! May god bless you all!!

November 08, 2009 9:14:30 AM UTC Post #1

@Saturday Night Special: It was the best part, wasn't it? Rickey looked tired, but he put on a great show. Carol Chase was the only honkette out there. Sounds like they are all anxious to get back to their families for the holidays, and they're almost there. Still, one hell of a show! Wasn't aiming to pick up any guitar picks. We were in the second row and they all were getting flicked over our heads. I was just happy as a lark(??) to be there. But we ended up getting a couple of picks anyways!
November 08, 2009 11:09:58 AM UTC Post #2

In my last post put Johnny instead of Ronnie many apologies it is an emotional time for me a friend who I used to watch Skynyrd dvds with was murdered exactly 3 years still miss her but Skynyrd has helped me though it, so many of their songs are so very inspirational and the history of the band and the survival of the music is just so magic whenever I feel down I put the Lyve dvd on and it always inspires me to go on. Thank you so much and please keep rocking your fans need you!!

November 08, 2009 3:08:41 PM UTC Post #3

Saturday Night Special: Rickey looked tired, but he put on a great show. Carol Chase was the only honkette out there.

I hope they don't have that cold / flu bug going around. I can tell ya It knocked the wind out of my sails for the last couple of weeks, I can't imagine what it would do to these guys with the long tour schedule they have been on lately.

Almost time for their well deserved rest!

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

November 08, 2009 10:52:31 PM UTC Post #4

I have spent the last 24 hours yelling my fool head off; first at the Skynyrd concert last night, then at the Colts/Texans game today.

Walking into U.S. Cellular last night for the Skynyrd concert, some chick just came up and hugged me like I was her best friend or something. I was just about to ask her if she knew me, but then she saw my wife shooting daggers at her (snicker-snicker)... She then went over to my wife and said "Isn't Skynyrd all about love?" Then she hugged my wife ran off... (WTF)?

Then later that evening that same chick snuck up in the first row right in front of us and right behind the people standing in the first row. She lasted about five minutes before Security tossed her. Really wierd, huh?
February 24, 2010 4:12:37 AM UTC Post #5

Good going Johnny keep it up.i like your a days i start preparation of microsoft 70-270 exams but i must waiting for your next of luck Johnny

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