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July 30, 2012 2:46:31 PM UTC Post #41

Me again - as posted on another thread - you can hear snippets of the entire album on I-Tunes! Just search for Lynyrd Skynyrd and then "all albums" and scroll down. They have the "Special Edition" listed for pre-order. Yes I did pre-order as I just can't wait. So I'll have 2 copies when all is said and done!!

There are some great tunes on it. My favs are "Homegrown", "Start Livin' Life Again" (awesome acoustics on this one), "Do It Up Right" and "Low Down Dirty Shame"!! What are your favorites??

July 30, 2012 9:10:06 PM UTC Post #42

I'll 3rd that for Medway!!!!!!

here's our boys playin' "Last of a Dy'n Breed" lyve! http://youtu.be/2Wn5k80TudI


July 31, 2012 1:55:40 AM UTC Post #43

Hay Nation,

I had trouble with my IP and didnt have tha net for a few days and now I suddenly got it back and low and behold lookie wat they done! Gotta checkit out and see wats its all about.

@medway: congrats on gettin tha invite.......gotta be a one of a kind experience............. even if tha band aint gonna be ther. Give all tha details!!!!

@ H7: and just wat was ya wearin outther in tha field??................... Been awfull hot up yonder I hear!!!

@McS: Wher tha hell ya been??? I know tha fish aint bitin that good!!!

Yall have a rockin nyte.......................................rusty


July 31, 2012 1:13:03 PM UTC Post #44

Hey Nation!!!
Well tomorrow I'll be on the road heading to the "Big Apple" to take in the little preview thing and hopefully more... Hopefully it will be worth the 4hr ride... I'm sure it will be... I just wish more of my good Frynds from the Nation were going.. There are soooo many that are deserving and should be a part of it... But I guess it is what it is & I thank you for all the kind words... I hope I due you guys proud...

On another note...
I met up with another member of Skynyrd Nation this past Saturday... Kevin aka:Maryland4Dixie... Him & his wife were up from yes Maryland so we hooked up... Met at a local bar in Boston, McGreevy's (Irish Bar owned by the Dropkick Murphy's).. It was a great time!!! Spent like 4 hrs telling Skynyrd stories & stuff... I told him, next time we need to head out to the New England Chapter of Skynyrd Nation in Clinton and check out the Simple Man Saloon... He said HELL YEAH!!!

The Nation is full of Great People!!!

So I will report back to the Nation on what took place & hopefully I'll have some good stories to tell ya...


Be good.... Be proud.... And as always....


I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

July 31, 2012 1:51:34 PM UTC Post #45

Great link @McS - thanks for sharing.

Everyone - make sure you check out the entire "Special Edition" album on I-Tunes - I played it over and over for about 5 hours yesterday. I am really lovin' it!! Can't wait to get my hands on the entire thing!!

@Medway - travel safely and don't forget to take a few pics!! Enjoy it for all of us and remember every detail -like you always do!!

Wow - love this new syte! Maybe "they" (not the band, but management) have been listening to us???

August 02, 2012 2:20:33 PM UTC Post #46

Our boys are hitting #1 w/their new single - granted it's #1 w/the UK magazine Classic Rock, but it will be hit here too!! Check it out -

Your text to link here...

In case the link above does not work - try this:


By the way this is the magazine that is doing the Fan Pack some of us have ordered!

August 02, 2012 4:10:27 PM UTC Post #47


Medway in Manhattan


Looking for the next SUMMIT............

August 02, 2012 6:52:10 PM UTC Post #48

@hill_seven: Kinda wat I was wonderin ???


August 02, 2012 6:56:24 PM UTC Post #49

@prez. rusty: Maybe they were so impressed they hired him and he is on the road w/them now!!!!!

August 02, 2012 9:41:12 PM UTC Post #50

So here is the recap of the "Manhattan Summit"... I don't think it can be called a Summit with out my Frynds...

Be sure to read the whole recap....

The person told us to meet him at a designated location... I get there and there were already about 10 diehards waiting... You think I was a diehard... These people put me to shame... Around the corner comes a black limo, and it the guy who put this together pops out... WOW!!! So we all pile in, Skynyrd playing loud as to be expected... We pull up to the building and we all pile out... Hop in the elevator and get off and waiting for us was a pile of swag!!! Tshirts, key chains, poster, stickers & the new cd... Oh yeah!!! After a few minutes of getting to know each other and where we came from, we all pile into the sound studio... We listen to 4 tracks off the new cd, and they ask for our opinion.. After that we did our individual interviews... It was about 4 questions they asked us while they were filming it... That took a while, but it flew by because we were all talking to each other about different things.... THEN.... When they finished up with the last person, they thanked us for taking time out and coming and valued our opinion when..... In comes Johnny, Gary & Rickey!!!! We were blown away... Handshakes & high five's all around... Pictures were taken... Signed copies of the cd's... THEN.... We were each handed a laminated backstage/meet & greet to any upcoming Skynyrd show...

Then I woke up....
I get to the building and there were TWO GUYS!!! That's it!!! They were from NY so it was no problem for them... Unlike me who drove FOUR HOURS to get there...
They were telling me a little bit about themselves and stuff... NO WHERE NEAR diehard as we on the board are... There application to join the Nation would be rejected... Not only that but one guy had his wife right the story and the other guy didn't even send anything in.... WTF!!!! Jon should have been added, based on his story and owning a business named after one of there songs....

So the THREE of us go up into the studio which was pretty cool... They played 3 songs and wanted us to give them feedback.. Songs were: Homegrown, Life's Twisted & One Day At A Time.. Now it's the first time hearing the full versions so I was taking it all in, listening to the words, instruments, etc... While the other 2 guys were practically jumping out of there seats... They were kind of acting up, but what ever.... It was different & great stuff...

After the songs they had us pile into the small recording studio and then they interviewed us... Now these guys had NO good stories.. Well at least compared to mine... I told them the story of our "Green Mountain Summit"... And how we travel well... I could have gone on and on with stories as well as the rest of us on this board could have...

After that, it was a handshake and out the door we went... No swag... No special guest.... Nothing... We will get a free copy of the cd... Well I already pre ordered mine...

Once the video of our interview gets edited, they'll post it on the web... Don't know if it will be on this web site, so stay tuned...
Couple of things during the interview.... As suggested by a Frynd... I tugged on my ear a couple of times as a sign and/or a joke... So I did!!!
Also, you be pleased to know I came with a prop.... I'll save that for when they post it

So overall, disappointed yes!!! Music, I need to listen to it a few more times and let is settle in...

But I did it!!!
Should be interesting what they come up with from the video they took...

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

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