New Studio Album to be Released on August 21, 2012



NEW YORK, NY (May 2, 2012) - Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records announced today the release of Last Of A Dying Breed from Lynyrd Skynyrd, the band’s first studio album since the September 29, 2009 release of God & Guns which debuted at #18 on the Billboard Top 20 and gave the band their highest debut since 1977. Last Of A Dying Breed reunites the band with producer Bob Marlette who produced God & Guns.

“It was great to get back in the studio with Bob for this new album,” said Gary Rossington “we kind of went back old school this time. All of us playing together in the studio as a band, tracking songs and creating licks. We had a lot of fun and the music really flowed for us, so that’s when you know you are on to something good. We can’t wait to let the fans hear these songs and play ‘em live.”

Led by core members Gary Rossington (guitar), Johnny Van Zant (vocals) and Rickey Medlocke (guitar), Lynyrd Skynyrd have recorded an album that continues the tremendous legacy that began over 35 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, a legacy that was halted for a decade after the 1977 plane crash that killed three band members, including Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines. Since then, the band tragically lost Billy Powell, Ean Evans, Allen Collins, Leon Wilkeson and Huey Thomasson, yet they rock on.

Joining Lynyrd Skynyrd will be bass player Johnny Colt, an original member of the Black Crowes who has also played with Train and Rockstar Supernova. When asked about receiving a phone call from Rickey Medlocke on behalf of Lynyrd Skynyrd to join the band, Johnny said, “What else do you say to Medlocke, Rossington and Van Zant? We’re talking southern rock royalty. We’re talking Lynyrd Skynyrd. The only thing out of my mouth was when and where!”

With a catalog of over 60 albums, sales beyond 30 million worldwide and their beloved classic American rock anthem “Sweet Home Alabama” having over two million downloaded ringtones, Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Lynyrd Skynyrd remains a cultural icon that appeals to all generations.

Lynyrd Skynyrd will be on tour throughout the summer in North America and Europe. View a complete list of dates HERE

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Current Line Up:
Gary Rossington- Guitar
Johnny Van Zant- Vocals
Rickey Medlocke- Guitar
Mark "Sparky" Matejka- Guitar
Michael Cartellone- Drums
Johnny Colt - Bass
Peter Keys - Keyboards
Dale Krantz Rossington- Honkettes Backing Vocals
Carol Chase- Honkettes Backing Vocals

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jvaho // July 24, 2012 8:46:30 PM UTC

Yes, like Sarvanto, I also hope to have you soon here in Finland! Tampere 2010 was a hell of a show - keep coming back for more!


sarvanto // July 22, 2012 12:33:05 PM UTC

Come on guys, last time you were in Finland was 2010, way too long ago.
Please come 2013 to Finland!!


Nikigraus1976 // June 18, 2012 5:48:18 AM UTC

So excited! Can´t wait buying the new Album! Hope you guys coming back to Munich soon it was such a great show!


fb_fernanda_cipriani // June 16, 2012 5:33:15 PM UTC

Good afternoon dear!

I am a student at the University Unicuritiba, and approximately one month we had a mission to make the representation of a rock show using recycled materials.
My team then made the representation of Can not Take That Away - Lynyrd Skynyrd.
there is no video on youtube or google regarding this song, so was our reference through other videos recorded between 1993 and 1994.

Our course is called: Course Technology in Events
and this was the best work we've done .. Therefore we would like to share with you!

Curitiba, Brazil
I have pictures and videos on my facebook...


duffy c. wishbone // June 11, 2012 7:59:53 PM UTC

@Cassie Mac: I have some great pictures of Cassie taken in concert.Duffy


alan gentili // June 05, 2012 8:57:37 PM UTC

Soy de ARGENTINA, y lo voy a esperar como loco!!!!!!!!!

i'm from Argentina, i love Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!!


RossingtonRules // May 19, 2012 12:11:00 PM UTC

Looking forward to it !! Rossington Rules !


Mylvyn Skyrydyr // May 09, 2012 6:18:28 PM UTC

@Skynyrdguy81: Well, here's what I DO know .... Seems he had (and still has) a side project with Audley Freed (Cry of Love) called "Big Hat".

Big Hat's other guitarist is Peter Stroud, and among other things, he used to (or maybe still does) play for Sheryl Crow, so maybe Robert & Peter are going to go out with Sheryl this summer. Maybe BH will even open for her!

@Cassie Mac: Very good point, and I embarrassed to admit I did not catch that when I read the article. Should have mentioned Dean as well.


Cassie Mac // May 09, 2012 4:46:27 PM UTC

Why no mention of Cassie Gaines who also tragically died in the 1977 plane crash?


Skynyrdguy81 // May 08, 2012 5:01:10 PM UTC

@Lynskyn1981: I've heard from an inside source that he left on his own, and is going to possibly be Sheryl Crow's new bassist 1981.

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