new idea from hometown boy
August 06, 2011 9:18:19 AM UTC Post #1

Gary,I'm a southern boy born an raised in jacksonville..ridgewood,orange park to be more precise.ofcourse most all of us are fans of skynyrd and probally no down home roots fan more than myself.ofcourse I realize this is not something new that you've heard.I'm not contacting you bout your fame or the fact that I want a piece of an idea recently bout my friends.I,as well as my childhood (st) friends was fans as well as inspireing mucians ourselfds..had a band for years in the o.p. area but that's not the point of my contct with you.if you will bear with me I'll try to explain.the boys and mysef,after many years,have been wanting to get back together and idea mostly,cause I miss them.however,that's not,or not the entire point of this to thinkin bout all this new technology,facebook in particular,and how great it would be to just get us all together.suwanne river music park comes to mind.didn't start off that big,had only close friends in mind for our old bad,"southern steee" was the originl plan..back yard bbq so to speak.but once I posted on fb became a bit more.anyway,got to thinking,wouldn't it be great to our close friends,and their friends,and on an on just to have a big party...a fb reuniom meet and greet so to know,just between our "friends"so to speak....anyway,my mind has gotten wild with this and if it does get big would love your advise...maybe we could get some of the old jax bands to play with skynyrd headling,in cogneato,or however you spell that,woud be cool...anyway,if none of that happens would love your advise on how to make something like this number is is jagwieser@gmail..small southern boy with big dreams maybe..just miss the ole days when I use to play and had my moment in the sun.thanks for your time.Rob Jolly.

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