New addition to Skynyrd nation
May 28, 2012 1:53:02 AM UTC Post #1

My youngest just delivered a new baby girl on May 16th its are 6th grandchild. Whats so special is a week before the birth I asked if she could work Natalie or Poppy into the new babies name (Nathan is my middle name) she told me they had picked name but it wouldnt be released until d-day. Once d-day arrive Evelyn Harlow was named, Evelyn was Moms name we lost mom last year on March 16th a very proud day for Poppy and I know mom would be proud also. Poppy and Nanna have been making the rounds this holiday visiting all the grandkids, another proud momement for Poppy was taking the twins Isabella and Storm to big Poppa's for a visit, their 5 we get in truck and of coarse they had to crank the radio up which had disk two from the box set. After a short time Storm looks over at me and say's Poppy you got good music in here do I need to say more. Got one more stop Tuesday for the 11yr olds (Autumn my tomboy) softball game, plays third base and has a rocket for an arm. The proudest momement is seeing Nanna cuddle with the new baby Evelyn the look in her eyes indescribable. I dont know if its fate or what but I have times like this then Skynyrd writes a song like Simple Life its like they read my mind. I truely love this band I've only saw them twice, but that dont matter to me I'll be with them heart and soul as long as I live. You can remix dont matter it can be to country dont matter it can be a new member dont matter it can be Johnny on vocals dont matter it can be old songs new songs dont matter. If its Lynyrd Skynyrd I got their back. Your friend in Skynyrd nation Leonard_50

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