My Story how Skynard has touched our lives
June 13, 2010 5:00:00 AM UTC Post #1

Hey guys, I want to let you know i think of ya'll as family. I have followed Skynyard since the early 70s. The fist show i attended at the age of 16 was at the Hampton Roads Coliseum. From there on out every time you've came to the Hampton Roads area I've came to your show's. The Skynyard Nation is alive and stronger than ever. Your songs have meaning of life and embrace my beliefs upon Love, Religion, and Politics. You guys are what America is all about. I have seen your band survive through thick and thin. Also having faith in the lord as you've traveled on the road through great times and bad. Especially recently with the loss of Billy. You have shown us that through life's most tradegic and hard times to embrace God, our families, our freedom and our country. THIS IS WHAT WE FIGHT FOR!

I would like to introduce myself...Steven Fonseca. I have a wife, daughter and 2 grandchildren. I've recently lost my best friend, my son 16 yr. Joey Fonseca. He died as a passenger in a car crash in our own neighborhood. NO parent should have to bury a child. We all are a close family. It's all you've got, other than the many of Skynard Songs preach. This past year and a half has been more than trying for my family & I. My wife out of work for 11 months and my own hours cut back at work, we were sinking fast. I did a lot of praying. Not only financially were we hurting but also emotionally. My fathers cancer had returned with no stopping it. My father a 91 yr. old Vet has been my mentor and hero. To me that is what every father strives to be in the eyes of their children, as I have with mine. But preparing for death of a loved one never prepares you for the unexpected death of another.

I taught & preached to my son everything I know. I myself have spent 25 yrs. in Martial Arts. I started Joey out at the age of 5. He loved the sport and competing. In my family I am also a 3rd generation Baseball Coach. Joey was 7 when he started this sport. This was his favorite sport, he thrived to play the game. Together, my son and I in both sports have acquired 67 1st place trophy's. Joey was not just gifted he had this inviting aurora around him, always smiling and making others laugh. Everybody was drawn to him. Not only did i teach & practice sports with him, I also taught him from the bible. "Do unto others as you would have do unto you." "Wise as a serpent gentle as a dove". God had a special place in Joey's life. Not only did he listen to my teaching's, but he went out and practiced them as well. He became the #1 freshman to rise to varsity pitcher for his schools baseball team. He helped lead our recreational league to Regional's. He was our shining & Rising Star. I couldn't of been more proud of him, i was in awe! Till March 7, 2010 when he was taken from us in the crash. As trying to cope with this unfathomable tragedy for myself & family we were so overwhelmed with the love & support from of family, friends, Kempsville community & schools & Tidewater area. All together in attendance to Joey's Funeral & services were over 2,000 people. He was such a special & unique young man.
I listen to a lot of rock music and play guitar & drums. Also taught my joey the same. He loved rock'n out to Skynard & one song imparticular touched him and became his favorite...SIMPLE MAN. What a great song to live by & that he did! Simple Man was the first song played at his funeral. "Joey Wayne Fonseca" our simple man flying high as a freebird now.

One thing that i have come to realize is that I need to reach out & help others. When you have suffered such a tragic loss as my family and I, its theraputic to my pain to reach out to those who need help & who have also suffered the loss of loved ones. We have lost and suffered much emotionally & financially...with no life insurance for joe & going bankrupt things have been hard.

I may be stepping out of bounds here, but I am looking for a little help or request. I have talked to Mike Arlo from 106.9 the fox radio, who couldn't help, and also reached out to Shelly from FM99 wich came with no response. I am trying to get my family to this coming up show on June 20th. I feel it imperative that this yr. after Joey's loss my family be all together to see you guys play. As I have expressed already we love ya'll and so did our Joey. There is certain personal meaning to us between your music & Joey! I just missed the $10 lawn tickets that came up for sale. I want nothing more than somehow, someway to find funds to get my family to the upcoming show. If there's a will there's a way. We would be so grateful and happy if there was a way to dedicate Simple Man in Memory of my son. Like I said i may be stepping out of bounds and my request may be impossible but i have to at least have faith & try. Joey, my daughter Brandie & I came and saw you guys last yr. with Kid Rock, it was awesome. If you could do or find anything that could help us & touch my family i would be ever so grateful. I will say this " For much is given much is asked." Last thing i would like to say came from my impact statement for Joey is " For one is lost many are gained."

Your dedicated fan
Steven Fonseca
PS: we have witnessed many peoples lives change form Joey's Tragedy. We know in our hearts more are to come!!!! GOD BLESS

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Cell# 757-708-6677, 757-639-3739

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