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August 20, 2012 4:52:00 PM UTC Post #1

Hello Sparky,

My son and his two friends (all 15 years old) had a chance to meet with you after your Wallingford, Connecticut August 17th show in the hotel right before you boarded the bus to your next event and I wanted to thank you for two things. First, I know you were in a rush but I appreciate the time you spent with them and the autographs. Second, we were surprised a bit later to get a knock on our hotel door and a member of the hotel staff delivered three guitar picks to our room. The kids were real thrilled to get these. It was a very nice gesture on your part. They were talking about it all weekend. The kids told me that you mentioned to them that you might be able to hook them up with something the next time the band was in town and to leave a message on the website. I decided to do this for them and I noticed that the band will be in our area on 9/9/12 in Mansfield, MA. We hope to see you again. Thanks again.


August 20, 2012 5:58:57 PM UTC Post #1

I already made a post on this. Haha. Thanks anyway

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