Meet and Greet (Backstage Pass)
October 18, 2009 11:09:33 AM UTC Post #1

Could someone tell me if there is anyway to get meet and greet (backstage pass)? We are going to Evansville show on Nov.6 and would love to meet Gary and the rest of the band!! Turned 50 years old this year and can not think of a better present in the world!!

February 23, 2010 7:53:48 PM UTC Post #1

i have been to tons of your shows from newyork hall of fame to jacksonville frorida to birmingham england i play most of your songs and i own an allen collins explorer a garry rossington les paul and a jim beam les paul and a mint indian cheif les paul wich every time i go to your concerts i try to get the back plate signed oh and a plectrum that rickie tried to eat on stage he threw it straight into my hair when he finished chewing it i live in a little village 15 miles away from the lg in birmingham england i will be there next thursday i have recorded stuff my self and worked with a few really good artists but i have always loved you songs how can you get backstage pass thats if you can buy the way our freinds in jacksonville kathy stephans and husband and ethan ther son ask me to say hello my email tel 07832252308
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