Marriage Proposal
September 28, 2009 10:50:19 PM UTC Post #1

Dear Members of the Lynyrd Skynyrd organization,

My name is Mike Peters I am a 27 year old carpenter from Kennett Sq, PA. I have been a Skynyrd fan since I was an early teenager with some Hank jr, Waylon Jennings, and Kid Rock mixed in. I also have had the honor of attending 16 Skynyrd concerts, with is an amazing humbling experience. The reason I am writing you today is because three and a half years ago I met the women that changed my life. Her name is Gina Cantando and she is the most amazing, beautiful, kindest angel god ever made. The moment I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting her I was drastically falling in love, and as faith would have it the chemistry was unbelievable as we found out very quickly we were soul mates. Gina and I have something not everyone get to experience in life, someone to laugh and cry with, she' s so easy to talk to and confide in, the playfulness and the silly arguments, turning the lights low and dancing in the living room, wanting somebody so bad physically it hurts. It seems like my life never existed until I met Gina and I am so very lucky to have her in my life. Seven months ago we had a beautiful healthy baby girl, Isabella Rose and she is the light of our lives. I have been giving two beautiful angels to share life with and I feel like i'm walking heaven, its the most indescribable feeling to be able to get up every morning and have then next to me.
I love Gina and Isabella with all my heart and soul and I will do anything to keep them warm, safe, fed, and loved. Now... I've wanting to ask Gina to marry me for a couple years but recently got serious and bought a ring, so the next step is where. So Gina surprised me with skynyrd tickets for my birthday, the concert is Oct 17 at The Borgata. Here is my chance. I would love to ask Gina to marry me at the concert on stage with the band!! How much would that rock! We both love Lynyrd Skynyrd, its the perfect night. I am dead serious about this ! This is not a joke or some lame scam. Everything I said is true.
I would be eternally grateful if I could have the opportunity to do this for her. I'm not asking for anything else and it would only take a couple moments of your time. Please take this in to serious consideration, talk it over with the band. If you need more information I will be more then happy to give it to you, My cell number is 610-908-7746 and my e-mail is

Thank you for your time,

Rock on,
Mike Peters

October 05, 2009 10:11:48 PM UTC Post #1

Mike, I wish you folks the best, God bless.

October 06, 2009 8:23:24 PM UTC Post #2

Good Luck to you guys in the future. Maybe we'll see it all 'go down' at The Borgata. I'll be there. If ya don't get to do the stage thing......pick the right song. Up for a recommendation? SIMPLE MAN................ " Go find a woman, and you'll find love. "

Tom Dolka

October 06, 2009 10:00:17 PM UTC Post #3

Good luck with your endeavor -i am trying to get my husband back to meet the band @ one of 2 shows i bought tickets for . he has been & still is very sick -but we are gonna get him to that concert !

Mustang Girl

October 08, 2009 11:17:59 AM UTC Post #4

=lakewinnie said:Good luck with your endeavor -i am trying to get my husband back to meet the band @ one of 2 shows i bought tickets for . he has been & still is very sick -but we are gonna get him to that concert !

Contact VECTOR MANAGEMENT with your request. See if Jon Romero is still there. Try 1-615-269-6600. I met the band backstage in Oct 2006. Mr. Romero with the point of contact for my son to set this up. Let me know how it turns out for ya.

Tom Dolka

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