Mansfield Massachusetts show
July 02, 2010 1:20:24 PM UTC Post #1

The show last night was electric from the opening with 38, Bret, and then Skynyrd. It might have been the outdoor venue or the cool breeze but this was the most energetic I have seen Skynyrd. The sound was clear and loud just the way it should be and Skynyrd owned the stage and the audience. Johnny is a frontman who displays confidence and a true love for performing, and a respect for the crowd. Skynyrd seems to be rolling on the God and Guns Tour with great energy but most of all an understanding that the fans keep them going. It is a SKYNYRD NATION and I am proud to be a fan of the greatest amercian rock band.

July 02, 2010 2:15:21 PM UTC Post #1

Amen Brother...

I was also at the show last night, and I'm a tad bit tired... So here's a recap:

38 hit the stage and as they usually do with the pedal to the floor and not looking back... From DB on vocals and guitar and DVZ running around like a madman I don't know how they do it.... I love that there's no bs between songs, just good 'ol kick azz rock-n-roll...

Then BM came on. He was ok... He did 3 songs off a "New" album coming out on 7/6, which he kept telling the crowd. In my opinion the "highlight" of his set was the song "Something To Believe In". As he was singing it in the background was a video of his visits with the troops and stuff. Nice touch... But other than that I think 38 set the bar to high for BM. Could have been worse, could have been better....


The boyz hit the stage about 9:30 and wrapped up around a little after 11...
Set list as follows: If I missed something my bad...
- I Ain't The One
- Skynyrd Nation
- What's Your Name
- Down South Junkin'
- That Smell
- I Know A Little
- Simple Man - Dedicated to the Troops. But I thought since it was July 4th weekend they would have done Red, White & Blue... Just my thoughts...
- Still Unbroken - I still love this song and kicks azz
- All I Can Do Is Write This Song - They actually didn't play this song. They just played the audio with the video running in the background. Again this is another personal fav of mine that is never played lyve. But on the recent Simple Man Cruise they did perform it lyve for the first time....
- Tuesday's Gone
- Gimmie 3 Steps
- Call Me The Breeze
- Alabama
- Freebird

They did not disappoint. From start to finish just hard driving, kick azz Skynyrd. My seats were 2nd row but the security let us go to the stage so I was on Sparky's and Peter's side. If you watch Peter on certain songs, he'll kiss his cross and point the the heavens where our Freebirds are... Nice touch...
This was my 50th show since 87 and I NEVER get tired of seeing them. It's just something about seeing them lyve that just does something to you. Does that make sense??? So I'm thankful and lucky that I can get to as many show's as I can.

I don't think the show was sold out. I saw a lot of empty seat and people were walking up and purchasing ticket for the show. I was talking to a guy sitting behind me (row 3) and he said he walked up to the box office asked if they had tix's and the person asked what he was looking for and he said how about the best available. The agent said how about row 3!!!! WHAT!!!! They must have been turned in, but 3rd row center!!!!
Also there seem to be a lot more BM fans, as soon as his set was done some people left and didn't sttay for Skynyrd....

Now for the "other" stuff. Lets see who did I meet at the show????
We'll I did meet The Man himself (and his wife), Skynyrd Nations own web master Tom... It was very cool to get a chance to talk to him about stuff and not have to worry about the evil GERBIL!!!! LOL.... Then I was disappointed that I didn't get to meet up with SwampFox. We talked on the phone but never manage to hook up... Next show.... And sitting next to me is our favorite new business owner Simple Man Saloon, Wickey... Nice touch he brought a Simple Man Saloon t-shirt and tossed it up on stage. Johnny picked it up and took it... I have pic's of it, so I'll post them on Facebook when I have a chance. We tried to give it to Johnny during "Simple Man" but did have the chance... I also met a old frynd from the previous board, simpleman72 (Eric).... So we were talking and I asked where ya been??? So he's busy with work Big Brown (UPS) and mowin'... Plus he's been going to a lot of NACAR races and stuff so he hasn't had a chance to hit the boards.... I also saw a couple of my Simple Man Cruiser frynds...

So all in all a great tyme!!!! Now next show 7/10 Hartford,CT!!!!!

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

July 02, 2010 5:50:46 PM UTC Post #2

I'm still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

show was great from start to finish!!!!!

i didn't mind bret, but good god did he really have to have all those stupid pictures of himself up on the screen while he's singin........... i mean really....... lol

skynyrd was great, as always, my 16 yr old neighbor we took now is a converted skynyrd fan, and she loved 38.

Meadway great to see ya as always bud!! and i'ma try to get my act in gear and get back on here!!!!

July 02, 2010 8:04:40 PM UTC Post #3

Great show overall. " I Aint the One" was a nice surprise. I was hoping they would play "Curtis Lowe" as well. I though Brett Michaels was a great choice to open, ive been a fan of his since the 5th grade(1990), and though he did a great job, ive seen poison a few times, but never him solo. My first time seeing .38, i would see them again, why doesnt Larry Junstrom play in Skynyrd?? seems to make no sense to me , but he looks like he has one foot in the grave up there. Rickey Medlock is the same age ish, and he moves up there like he is 20.

Skynyrd is such a tight band, it really great to watch everytime, but guys, can you please switch up the last part of your set a little, the last 5 times ive seen them, the last 4 or 5 songa are exactly the same, and in the same order..

July 02, 2010 10:22:54 PM UTC Post #4

Thanks for the great reviews! Makes me want to get some tickets PRONTO! I was at a show in May and it seems like FOREVER ago. We're hoping to get to at least one more, hopefully two more shows this year.

When we saw them last year In PHX, the show was at the Celebrity-which is a small venue, "in the round" we had 1st row seats.
Although there is no replacing Billy Powell, Watching Peter was a similar experience. He was really engaged, and enthusiastic with the crowd, and each time he would come "round" he would take the time to high five, kids and youngsters in the first rows! He did the pointing to heaven as well, which was a nice tribute.

I'm not quite at at 50 Lyn Skyn shows---getting closer---I had to take some time off, when we were in the early years of raising our son.

I know exactly how you feel about seeing "our" band live. I have been to many, many live shows- from
AC/DC-ZZ TOP and everyone- in between, since the 70's.
There is nothing like live music. It has helped to keep me sane thru the years, been the soundtrack for my life and my 26 years of marriage and all the ups and downs we’ve experienced.
Lynyrd Skynyrd makes you feel good. They touch your heart and draw you in. Their concerts are like that of no other.


July 03, 2010 12:20:36 AM UTC Post #5

Road- Oh the comedian was horrible!

We've been to a few Arizona shows with stand up guys as openers...over the years, always left us asking why?

Were you seated near the guy who was acting like a sprinkler? Arm extender, turning around and making the water sound?

July 03, 2010 12:44:23 AM UTC Post #6

ls, I did the same thing when my kids were younger. Had to tend to the kids and put "fun stuff" aside... As they got older and stuff I was able to go concerts.

Prior to being an "adult" once I had my license I was taking in any and all show that came to town... From Ozzy, AC/DC, Alabama, Merle Haggard, Rush, and of course our Southern Rockers, MTB, CDB, Hatchet etc.... It was mostly to see these act live and see how they were.

And it is the soundtrack to ones life....

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

July 04, 2010 4:55:34 AM UTC Post #7

That was an amazing show at the Comcast Center on Thursday night!

38 Special performed for 45 min tearing through a greatest hits setlist. Opening with “Rocking into the Night” and ending with “Hold on Loosely”, they did not disappoint. My favorite part of their set was Donnie’s heartfelt performance of “Rebel to Rebel,” a beautiful tribute to Ronnie. I wish they could have played for at least an hour.

I didn’t care for Bret; not a fan of his music. I thought all of the pictures of him on the screen were a bit much, then I noticed he was wearing a shirt with his face on it. Gimme a break. I thought he mentioned his new CD way too much (but I know he has to promote it). I was really surprised by the amount of Bret fans at the show.

Skynyrd hit the stage at 9:30 opening with “MCA” and ending with a blistering “Freebird” at 11. They put on an unbelievable show as always! Gary, Rickey and Sparky put on electrifying performances. Johnny’s vocals sounded better than ever. Peter and Robert were superb; they are great additions to the Skynyrd family. It’s scary how much Robert looks like Leon. “All I Can do is Write About It” was a nice video tribute to the fallen freebirds. Skynyrd, thank you for another great show and keeping the music alive! I can’t wait until next year!

To every member of Skynyrd Nation, stay safe and have a great 4th of July! God Bless America!

July 05, 2010 9:06:28 PM UTC Post #8

Hey NH1, you should have dropped a pm and we could have met up...

Yeah I could have done without ALL the BM pictures on the video screens. Shirtless, blue eyes... We get the picture BM.... Yeah there were a lot of BM fans....

NH the wierd part about RK was during the 2010 SMC he was clean shaven, no beard... He look like a kid that works in a bank... It was probably his disguise...

NH, Are you done with school???

Well next concert is a "double-bill" (7/10)..... Outlaws @ 2pm in Webster, MA, then zip down to Hartford, CT to see the boyz again... Going to be a long day of Southern Rock, but hell you only live once.... Maybe I'll go and get something to eat/drink during BM set... LOL...

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

July 06, 2010 3:27:38 AM UTC Post #9

Hey Medway, I was thinking of messaging you, but I didn’t make it to the show until 6:45. It took us 1 hour to get from exit 26 to exit 1 on 93 south; we hit exit 26 right at 5pm (not smart.) I will message you before next summer’s concert. This was my 1st time at the Comcast Center and I thought it was a pretty nice venue, although I still like Meadowbrook better.

I’ve been out of school since May 1. I’m currently working as a pharmacy intern at CVS (which is why I have not been posting much).

Enjoy the rest of your concerts!

July 06, 2010 4:05:27 AM UTC Post #10

Glad the show was fun for all, I'm a bit jealous.... July 9th over here.

Skynyrd Forever, Forever Skynyrd!

"Everything that comes after that, comes after that."

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