Lynyrd Skynyrd/ZZ Top Show - 5-22-11 Youngstown Ohio
May 27, 2011 11:01:37 PM UTC Post #1

Hello Frynds!
The skynyrd/zz show in Ohio was great, but a few things to point out. Skynyrd opened the show and only played for 1 hr 15 min. I dont know how any band can follow free bird. The crowd was most definitely a skynyrd crowd. While skynyrd was playing the place was going nuts! When zz started, they calmed down and i sensed boredom. The whole front row was practically skynyrd shirts. Skynyrd should have definitely closed it. But hey, skynyrd is great in any dose! Here is the set in order:

Workin' for MCA
I aint the one
Skynyrd Nation (my new favorite)
Whats your name
Down South Jukin
That Smell
T for Texas (this was great, never saw it live before)
Simple Man
Gimme back my bullets
Gimme Three steps
Sweet Home Alabama

The set was a little short if you ask me. Tuesdays gone and Still Unbroken should have been played. And where the heck is Call me the breeze? Anyway, take care frynds! - Dan

May 28, 2011 12:30:58 AM UTC Post #1

I was at this show too! The show was fantastic!!! I, too, was shocked to find that they weren't closing the show. After that performance - not just Free Bird - but the whole show NO ONE could have followed. I was in the 5th row and yes it was all Skynyrd shirts!!!! I have some awesome photos from the night - if someone can tell me how to upload them here, I will post some of them.

Looking forward to my next show - which as of right now will be Pittsburgh in July unless I can fit one in before!

May 29, 2011 3:45:58 AM UTC Post #2

Hey guys, Same thing happened at the OK show earlier this month. Almost exact set list that you posted. No Tuesdays gone. No Breeze--- which was a disappointment,aside from Skynyrd Nation nothing "new"---- and the band only played for about an hour and 15. Way too short.

For the past couple of years they were playing for about an hour and a half and...... that was too short!!!! Over the years they have cut songs from the basic, maintenance set list, and it is becoming shorter and shorter.
If you ask me, when they come back for the encore, it needs to be a couple songs, then Freebird.

I also agree about ZZ Top. Skynyrd stole the show. The entire crowd was on their feet for the entire time Lynyrd Skynyrd played but during ZZ Top people sat down, and even started to leave.

Come on guys, please go back to playing at least 2 hours.

May 29, 2011 4:57:02 AM UTC Post #3

I'll be seeing the show in Gulf Shores tomorrow night and i was afraid it would be Skynyrd preforming first.....just like when i saw them with Kid Rock. it is strange, but i would see Skynyrd in any form or fashion.

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

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