Lynyrd Skynyrd To Extend Tour Cancellations Due To Illness

Johnny Van Zant, lead singer of the group Lynyrd Skynyrd, was hospitalized over the weekend due to complications from a previous surgery. Johnny Van Zant was admitted to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN on August 6, with a surgical site infected cellulitis which required hospitalization with IV antibiotic treatment. Van Zant has a severe Staph infection and multiple symptoms related to infection. Johnny Van Zant is to remain out of work and recover until cleared by his primary physician.

The following Lynyrd Skynyrd performances have been cancelled OR are to be rescheduled:

-Clear Lake, WI at Firefest was August 6, is now re-scheduled for September 10

-Grand Rapids, MI at Rock the Rapids Music Festival on August 8, Skynyrd performance has been cancelled. For refunds, ticket holders should go back to point of purchase.

-Sturgis, SD at Buffalo Chip on August 10, Skynyrd performance has been cancelled.

Rescheduled shows will honor previously printed tickets. Lynyrd Skynyrd plans to resume their regular tour schedule on Friday, August 12, in Sedalia, Missouri or as doctors advise.

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 Stat_ronnie and leon

valleydreamin // August 24, 2011 3:18:14 PM UTC

@RossingtonRules: It seems that about 20 years ago Gary Rossington really upset aa lot of people and apparently they haven't gotten over it...but I'm just a fan...always have been always will be. As long as Gary, Johnny and the rest of the band are able to tour I will continue to go see them.


mistygypsy // August 24, 2011 11:31:50 AM UTC

@RossingtonRules: your screen name says it all----may the ruler of guitar and frizz reign in all his glory---I pray for all of us to heal from our ills and remain together in spirit-


RossingtonRules // August 24, 2011 11:05:58 AM UTC

@Jscopus1: Well- so much for get well we love ya jvz...this thread certainly took a turn


mistygypsy // August 24, 2011 5:24:40 AM UTC

@Jscopus1: It's kind of like putting a new twist on something---I know that if I did not want to perform---and that goes for anything --- I would refuse ---I cannot speak for anyone but me----I wouldn't care if they walked on the stage and said we're not gonna play, and they all sat down and said---let's talk-----because the communication breakdown here, I do believe, is a monetary issue of not getting what you paid for---- for some-------and for those of US who want to be with eachother, I guess we will pay the price-----and by saying US I hope there are others who tend to agree with me-----these people called Skynyrd work hard on the road-----their contribution to others needs is where some of their proceeds might go----not to all their needs---their generosity is genuine and they are as down to earth as a group of people can be---and i feel it------my hippie flower child love peace attitude also contains gratitude to a band that has always been in my
thoughts as an attribute for taking whatever it is dished out and clearing the plate for more-----for their hungry fans-----I love them unconditionally.


Jscopus1 // August 24, 2011 1:59:53 AM UTC

Perhaps you misunderstand what I am saying. I am not being disrespectful to Gary Rossington. He has earned respect through decades of superlative performances. But he is now burdened with a physical circumstance where he is not even a shadow of his former self. I am sure it is done out of respect, but to put him in a position where he cannot possible perform what is needed to produce the Skynyd sound seems unfair. On some level he must feel an impediment. Unless the concept is we can't play the music the way it should be played, or the way we used to be able to play, and that is okay with us. Than you need it to be clear that when you go to the show, people who buy tickets will be seeing Skynyrd in a new phase of its history. More of a nostalgia than performance phase. I do not think that has to be the case as the infusion of the right personnel could bring the band back to the point where the performance was again the thing. But it seems you are saying that is not where everyone is in their lives. Different point of view.


mistygypsy // August 24, 2011 12:10:54 AM UTC

@Jscopus1: Don't misunderstand me--you are entitled to your opinion---the bond of the brotherhood of music is based on respect and love---i am grateful for any of my family (sibling rivalry or not)--when they get up and are able to perform---with their ailments and hardships they endure to be considered----that is what family is about----Gary means the world to me up there---and i will always love him for being a survivor---as i am-- and i often wonder why G-D has spared me this far-----don't speak for me and i won't judge you-------i'm being honest and truthful when i say that reality is harsh----the ones who need to be together will remain just that-----together......


Jscopus1 // August 23, 2011 11:21:53 PM UTC

@mistygypsy: So what you are saying is that a band that used to be all about the music, that defined high intensity southern rock, that was the model for bands to follow, is no longer about the music. They are the new Grateful Dead and it is about love and ignoring bad performances. The sound was only bad for one band that night, the Doobie Brothers had no problems. I would suggest that only a small fraction of the people at every show are Skynyrd Nation folk there to bask in the aura. Most people can't sense that and are just there to hear great music, but if performances are at a level that only the Skynyrd Nation will appreciate, it will be eventually at balloon fests and frat parties. This is not about being note for note perfect, this is about playing way beneath the material. Most people who pay $75-100+ to see the show are interested in seeing a blistering ride through some of the greatest southern rock ever written, not a lovefest like a Beach Boys concert. There was nostalgia with bands like the Beach Boys, etc. because many of the original performers were still there and they used to be able to play and now they can't, but you respected what they had done. This band has sadly lost more personnel that a kama kazi squadron. Gary Rossington was a great guitarist who had a tragic medical malady. I admire him for rehabing as well as he did. But it is not respectful to have the poor guy on stage playing like the fifth Beatle. The other guitarists have to worry about what he can do, not just play. I think it would be appropriate and respectful to have him tour as the surviving link, but to try to play when he physically cannot has to be embarassing for him. The band cannot play the songs they way they were meant to be played with him struggling like he did. That is neither mean or disrespectful, just an honest appraisal. I can tell you that with a trio of strong players, Lynyrd Skynyrd can burn again. But right now, they just don't have the ammunition. That is sad as no band has better material to work with. Should see if any of the guitarists from Molly Hatchet, or the like are still around........... Regarding what I do, I can't have a C- off day or someone does badly and I get sued. When have you ever seen a Skynyrd show where people were walking out before the encore? It is a slippery slope once you start being satisfied with performances like the other night. Even if some people are more interested in unconditional support for their "family", if you play for free, I agree, but when people pay hard earned money in an economy that is nuttier than a squirrel turd (good home grown cornball reference?) they need to put on a show. Just my 2 cents.


Dorothyannish // August 23, 2011 8:05:30 PM UTC

Get well soon Johnny, Skynyrd needs you and we need you


danalynn // August 23, 2011 4:21:10 PM UTC

@mistygypsy: AMEN!!!! I've been to approaching 30 shows now and each and every time they rocked it....Love my Skynyrd!


mistygypsy // August 23, 2011 11:54:59 AM UTC

@Jscopus: For what this is worth dude----although I was not there, tradition is being carried on ---- it is alright to be less than perfect---- and no matter what-- they are to be righteously respected--- is every one a good performance for you daily--for whatever it may be that you do??
no matter what you have no right to trash Skynyrd ---- they have the spirit of love and when they play---no matter what I can feel it from wherever they are---I've been to many a show, for many a band where the acoustics were more horrible than awful----but would never speak of their efforts the way you did----why don't you look at yourself in reflection today and see what it is you see---- is it all niceties for you--- cause to me you have no inner quality of worth----that's all I care to share---only to end with hopes of you finding it within your soul to understand what love really is between brothers and sisters in an almost perfect world.

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