Lynyrd Skynyrd To Extend Tour Cancellations Due To Illness

Johnny Van Zant, lead singer of the group Lynyrd Skynyrd, was hospitalized over the weekend due to complications from a previous surgery. Johnny Van Zant was admitted to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN on August 6, with a surgical site infected cellulitis which required hospitalization with IV antibiotic treatment. Van Zant has a severe Staph infection and multiple symptoms related to infection. Johnny Van Zant is to remain out of work and recover until cleared by his primary physician.

The following Lynyrd Skynyrd performances have been cancelled OR are to be rescheduled:

-Clear Lake, WI at Firefest was August 6, is now re-scheduled for September 10

-Grand Rapids, MI at Rock the Rapids Music Festival on August 8, Skynyrd performance has been cancelled. For refunds, ticket holders should go back to point of purchase.

-Sturgis, SD at Buffalo Chip on August 10, Skynyrd performance has been cancelled.

Rescheduled shows will honor previously printed tickets. Lynyrd Skynyrd plans to resume their regular tour schedule on Friday, August 12, in Sedalia, Missouri or as doctors advise.

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Loco4Rickey // September 06, 2011 12:49:35 PM UTC


You said it all!! Although I never saw them back in the day lyve, I have watched enough videos and DVD's of the band over the years to agree with you 100%!! I saw them 8/26 in NH nad 8/27 in VT and they all rocked both shows! Gary was very animated. The entire band has come into their own and each member makes an important contribution. They just keep getting better and look like they are getting more and more comfortable with each other and are having fun which makes the whole experience even better for me! I'm already psyched for next year's show and can't wait to start planning my next road trip!


DonNr4dr // September 04, 2011 6:18:00 AM UTC

I saw Skynyrd on May 29 in Orange Beach Alabama and they played most all old songs from the past including Give me a T for TexasGive me a T for Tennessee and it sounded just like when the old band members played it i.e Ronny, Al and all the other guys did back in the old days. All the band members at that show all seemed to really be into what they wer playing as they were all swaying and bouncing around on stage and really being into what they wer playing and trying to perform for the crowd. Also what's wrong with throwing picks into the crowd as lots of great bands do it or something like it like Jimmy Buffett and the beach balls, Kenny Rogers and the tamberenes and there's probably lots more that cant' think of or know of. To me that's all the part of performing and geting the crowds pumped up and into the concert. So may be Gary and others were just tired and warn out since they do lots of shows all over the country and world with very little if any breaks primarily for their fans and just needed some time . off to rest as remember most of the band members aren't spring chickens anymore as it's said. So give them a break and don't be so hard on them.


DonNr4dr // September 04, 2011 5:53:55 AM UTC

Hope Johny gets well soon as all my prayers and wishes go out to him for a speedy recovery if still not well or feeling well.


Wired2Jam // September 03, 2011 12:50:25 PM UTC

@Jscopus, you have no idea what you're talking about.

As an old get-off-my-lawn guy, I saw Skynyrd last night for the first time in 30 years. I saw them 3 times back in the 70's - before the accident. In fact, I saw them play in RFK Stadium in DC right after Ed King quit and Gary Rossington and Allen Collins did everything - a 2 guitar lineup for that show. The other two times were with Steve Gaines. Every show was magical for me.

I've been playing music professionally all my life and Gary Rossington has always been my favorite player. You don't know what Gary is "about". He's not a flash player - never has been. Back in the day, he stood back by his amp most of the time, walked out for his solo, rocked back and forth like he does now, and let Ronnie have the spotlight back. After seeing him for the first time in that many years, he's actually moving MORE than when he was younger and less beat up. He never used to ham it up like he does now.

As far as his playing - technically speaking - you also miss the entire point of a 3 guitar attack. Allen Collins was always the fast/flash player. He played very fast licks and was very animated when he played. Rickey Medlocke has honored that position perfectly. He gives us his contribution to the band while covering a lot of Allen's parts note for note. The other guitar player (Sparky) is way, WAY more animated than what Steve Gaines ever was. But that position has always been the cleaner picking.

So, stay with me here - so far, we got the flash player (Collins/Medlocke) and the clean player (King/Sparky). Holding all that down is the bluesy melodic guitar - Gary Rossington. Rossington has always been my favorite because if there's a more fluid player alive, I don't know who it is. Rossington gives us melody - not shredding. This is the only way 3 guitars work without clashing with each other.

So, if you knew anything about the band and it's history, you would see how foolish you look. They are still on their game and I would pay to see them again.

As far as the mix, I'll be honest and agree with you a little. The problem is the low-mids - they're washing out some of Gary's tones and not cutting through. And although Gary has his own signature amp now, it doesn't sound as good as when he ran it into a straight Peavey - he didn't have to fight for his harmonic feedback with those. And a lot has to do with where you sit. But that has nothing to do with the band or their ability to play. They could sit home and cash royalty checks and wait to grow old and die, or do what they've done every day of their lives since they were kids. And we get to see that - God Bless 'Em.


bluesman-70 // August 27, 2011 1:08:10 AM UTC

@mistygypsy: The music and the fire are still there and it's plain for everyone to see.The Guys in Skynryrd are only human and from time to time we do break down and need time to heal. I don't knoww hatthat guy's problem with Gary was because I saw Skynryrd on july 10 in Winnipeg and let me say Gary ROCKED. He didn't just wander around the stage playing basic guitar riffs he PLAYED like he has been since Skynryrd was the 1%.
Everyone has off days that's to be expected after a long tour .
I hope Gary Johnny and Ricky continue to have good health and I Pray that Johnny gets better soon. AND I hope that Lynryrd Skynryrd will come back to winnipeg soon.


mistygypsy // August 26, 2011 11:00:51 AM UTC

@outside the box: Thank-you----I feel so much better after reading your post---
what you said is exactly how i feel.....

 Stat_ronnie and leon

valleydreamin // August 26, 2011 5:26:36 AM UTC

@outside the box: I couldn't agree more. Well said. I had a picture of Gary hanging on my wall when I was 14. Funny thing is that I didn't really know who he was then, a friend of mine from Florida gave it to me and I thought he was really cute so I put it up. It wasn't until a few years later I realized he was with Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was a fan before I even knew it.


outside the box // August 26, 2011 3:54:04 AM UTC

Wow I've just been reading some of this thread and some of you need to put things into perspective. The people in this band are human and just like anyone they have on days and off days but to disrespect the last founding member Mr. Rossington and the way it has been done is just sad and shameful-this band has gone through so much in their circle of life and no matter what happens their music will always live on. The whole entire band, members past and present deserve dignity and respect always. Some of you are just shameful and very sad! :(


ls-sbronson // August 25, 2011 6:47:03 PM UTC

You know, Jscopus1- your posts are pretty mean spirited.


mistygypsy // August 24, 2011 4:08:53 PM UTC

@valleydreamin: i don't really know of the incident, 20 years ago is a long time---that must've been in the 90's---I upset a lot of people too and a lot of people upset me----------I always turn to my guiding when I am having a hard time of it------we all deserve to try to be forgiven --- but sometimes you just cannot-----healing can leave a scar------some things are just unforgivable------sometimes I can't even forgive my own self-----I won't go into detail and don't need no details---just try to love one another some how---it don't come easy.

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