Lynyrd Skynyrd : THE MOVIE
August 18, 2010 1:47:31 AM UTC Post #1

"Good New to all Lynyrd Skynyrd Fans !!!

I have just met with a movie production company and their lawyers about a major motion picture about Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ronnie Van Zant and my life. This will be a complete account of Ronnie Van Zant and
myself from 1952 until his death in 1977. This movie will also include a complete history of the real Lynyrd Skynyrd Band. Mitch Simmons owner of Neon Leon’s helped organize and bring all parties together. Hopefully this movie will be in theatres in 12-18 months. I have the contract in my hand.

Stay tuned for all the updates as we will be having several functions at Neon Leon’s promoting this wonderful event.

Many thanks for everyone’s support, Gene"

Maybe this was brought up on this msg board previously, But I could not find the thread, any way; What is everyones thoughts on this and has anyone heard about this project taking steps forwards. I surely hope that it isnt bullshit. A movie would be something to definitely look forward too.

Thoughts/Comments/ the nation, stay frosty.....mississippi kid

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August 18, 2010 8:30:50 AM UTC Post #1


good news for the skynyrd fans !!! "Lynyrd Skynyrd the movie" !!!

ok, but I think has too many people there who thinks that lynyrd skynyrd was stopped in 77 ", they always exist today again and of the best of manners, Ronnie would be proud of then and why make a movie untill 77 and why not untill today?

this news is true? I can annonced it on my website?

I have a french lynyrd skynyrd website :

see you soon skynyrd friend, and sorry for my bad english !!!!


we cant wait the next cruise !!!!

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August 18, 2010 12:55:28 PM UTC Post #2

I'm not sure if this is the movie product that you are referring to. I bought the dvd a while ago and thought it was really cool watching it seeing that I most likely will never be able to make it to Florida in person.

Another cool site I found with Skynyrd concert dvd's is ...

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

August 18, 2010 5:57:15 PM UTC Post #3

@roadfatigue: Skip the drinkin, switch to jello shots instead bro ;-) it's much better.

" Here to respect a part of the whole .... the bassmen, Leon & Ean "

August 18, 2010 6:04:45 PM UTC Post #4

....and the band played on....

That's why I am here...

(loved the original, loved the current!)

August 18, 2010 11:25:14 PM UTC Post #5

all i gots ta say............ is you RF, and BIG JOE.................... are just fyne ............ "entertainment" fer this pard! LMAO! :)


August 19, 2010 12:22:44 AM UTC Post #6

I hope ODOM rots in hell.
And that link is to a documentary he did-FURTHER making Money
off of Ronnie.Will it EVER end?
He's just a carpet bagger , and I hope "the Movie" never sees the light of Day.

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August 19, 2010 2:28:19 AM UTC Post #7

@ the nation.......continued to research this alleged movie. Stated that the project has been presented to Johnny Knoxville and Dan Arkoyd in order to back the movie. Furthermore after reviewing the msg board on, it is apparent that none of those folks respect the current band nor their body of work. Gene made a comment that the movie will be about "the real band" WTF does that mean? Also sells DVDS for $50 bucks a pop. I was on their msg board and shared my views and a "forum moderator" made a jive comment. Looks like I may have opened a can of worms. Also, my intention was not to piss folks off, or cause anyone to resort to poison whiskey (Johnny Walker Red).

@ LS-sbronson.....your dead on correct my frynd.

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Ain't no use to cry
'Cause I'll be comin' home soon
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August 19, 2010 3:32:08 AM UTC Post #8

I have several thoughts on this subject.
First, I agree-any movie that stops at 1977 is not telling the whole story. The current band and all members past and present have gone through hell to keep the original band's music and legacy alive. The sad part of that is-when you ask someone to name some Skynyrd songs, they will ALL be pre-crash. That really is disturbing because there's so much good music that has come out of this incarnation.
Secondly, while Gene was with Ronnie a lot, he was Ronnie's best friend for a lot of years, and took care of security-as well as the merchandising-he seems to be stuck in the past and refusing to accept the current band at all. Now.....I can understand some of those feelings, as I am struggling with this incarnation of The Outlaws myself. To me, without Hughie Thomasson, they are not "THE OUTLAWS"-they are simply a tribute band.
Skynyrd absolutely has a division of fans-and that's ok, it always has been. We've managed to live together and respect each other's points of view all these years. Gene just seems to have always had his own agenda.
Lastly, what I would LOVE TO SEE is a movie like what you described-but from the 1% to present day. Pay homage to the crash victims, and everyone who has passed since then. Show the struggles, the highs and lows, and some stuff we've never seen or knew about from the members and family. Lynyrd Skynyrd-The Movie. THAT'S what it should be about.

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August 19, 2010 6:39:51 AM UTC Post #9

personally, i think its a great idea for a movie, but... all the history and what not i need to know is in the music.

August 19, 2010 8:23:09 AM UTC Post #10

Hi everybody !

i don't know this Gene Scrodom, but if you have news about this movie, please write a message on my french Skynyrd website....

For me, lynyrd is not ended in 77 " and i hope it will go on even for a long time, then why to ended the history of the movie in 77 "?



we cant wait the next cruise !!!!

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