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You know the last skynyrd show I went to( in Tulsa,Ok Aug2009)I was really great . But after the show I drank just a bit , and all or a sudden I was transported to a different time. July 3, 1977 at the Tulsa raceway the Wille Nelson Picnic. 60,000 people were there. This Gypsy was rollin!!!! When Skynyrd come on it was my 13th L.S. concert beginning in 1972. The band smoked especilly Ronnie. It was one of his best perfomances Ive ever seen!!! Steve was playing so fast, his axe was smoken. Cassie"s vocals, along with the other lady's , made the MUSIC like you were taken to Skynyrd City,Fl. I didnt see Dean that day but I met him by the tour bus in Alanta, GA during One More from the Road was being recorded. I really miss those days, and I really miss the founding fathers of the Skynyrd Family!!! May L.S. Music ENDURE FOR THE REST OF OUR DAYS ON EARTH!!!! BigJim ,

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I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

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