Lynyrd Skynyrd One Of The Official Bands of the WWE

"Still Unbroken" is the official theme song of the WWE's Breaking Point. You may have seen the commercial spots for this event on television or online, but you may not be aware of some exclusive video clips over at
The WWE's 30 Seconds with Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd Skynyrd discusses "Still Unbroken."
Skynyrd's latest, God & Guns, is in stores September 29th.

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bluesman-70 // August 27, 2011 3:49:01 AM UTC

God and Guns is about rights our rights and how both sides have to find some middle ground.
IF We took all of the guns and dumped them in the sea then you're stomping on the rights of the people who are allowed to have them and want them and never did anything illegal with them.
God well everyone is entitled to a opinion and just because you don't believe or don't like Christians doesn't make you right or any better then them. This country was founded on Christian values and despite the last few years and the outcry from people saying we're slandering them because the Ten Commandments are displayed in public view or that the school allowed prayer. Ok fine we'l move them indoors and stop praying but wait...What makes your rights more important then mine?
God and Guns is a pleas for tolorance and to fight for what YOU believe in simply because you got that right.


Ronnieinmyheart // May 02, 2010 12:23:49 AM UTC

When I was a kid, like 5 or 6, my Mom listened to the Beatles steady and I,of course fell inlove with them and have never stopped (loving them). When I was in my Led Zepplin phase, I was introduced to ZZ Top's "Tres Hombres" which ya must admit is a masterpiece. I then picked up the latest Skynyrd LP "Nuthin' Fancy" and thought I'd died and went to southern rock heaven. My next album ,a week later, was "Second Helping" ('cause of the little leaves on the LP cover); by then I was hooked. Hooked to what/who? Well the best fuckin' band EVER,EVER. I wanted to see them soooooooo... bad that I'd probably kill (any pedophile) to get to go to one of their concerts. I was hit by a car and 'pret near died when I heard of the but plug who forgot to check the fuel gauge and got Ronnie, Steve and his sister Cassie fucking killed. I literally cried for weeks if not months and because of that "accident" learned what the BLUES really were/are. I'm still bummed out to the nth degree 'cause of that. When that happened, part of me died too and sometimes I wish I did. That all I got to say about that. Thanks for yer ears and listening to my dilemma regarding LYNYRD SKYNYRD. Maybe I'll meet Ronnie in Heaven or wherever I go when I get killed. Sorry for sounding so depressing but it comes with the territory I guess. Take care guys. Can I ask one question though? Well I will regardless; why God and Guns? I thought you wanted them all to be dumped into the sea; ('member "Saturday Night Special"). Fuck all guns, if ya can't fight with yer hands ,feet,elbows,knees and teeth then ya better go buy a nice dress. Eh?

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