Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer to Debut in Fall 2011

Famed Band Lynyrd Skynyrd will Rock the House with Beer, BBQ and Classic Rock Hot Spot at Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer to Debut in Fall 2011

06.06.2011– LAS VEGAS – The band behind such classic American hits as “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird” is the inspiration for the innovative new restaurant concept, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer at Excalibur Hotel & Casino Michael Frey and Craig Gilbert of Drive This! Entertainment, the team behind such classic Vegas venues as RHUMBAR and Tacos & Tequila, will unveil this unique restaurant and nightlife concept in the former location of Sherwood Café in fall 2011. The rock n’ roll-inspired venue will feature classic hits, signature sips and the best down home, Texas-style BBQ to be found on the Las Vegas Strip.

The philosophy at Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer will quite simply be to rock the house. As guests walk in they will immediately be transported to a setting reminiscent of “Hell House,” the ram-shackled structure in the backwoods of Jacksonville where the Skynyrd sound originated. The décor will consist of collectible items, from original album covers and guitars hanging on the wall to never-before-seen artwork and band pictures. The center of the action will be the concert stage featuring a variety of cover bands and musical acts, including special performances from the legendary band throughout the year. Each night the enthusiastic bar staff will get the house swinging and singing by hopping up on the bars and stage, leading spontaneous sing-alongs to mash ups of classic Skynyrd songs, such as “What’s Your Name” and “Gimme Three Steps.”

“Paying homage to the venue’s famous namesake, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer will embrace the band’s unique spirit and the lifestyle it so proudly defined,” says Gilbert, managing partner of Drive This! Entertainment. “We are honored to work with the rock legends to not only create a much-needed, authentic BBQ spot, but also a place for people to immerse themselves in an eclectic blend of rock, country and blues music.”

President of Excalibur and Luxor Renee West said, “Bringing the first and only Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer to Excalibur is exciting and will provide our guests with an exclusive, fun experience courtesy of one of the best bands of all time. From incredible sounds by rock star legends, including impromptu performances by Lynyrd Skynyrd throughout the year, to delicious food and drinks, this is a high-energy hotspot that will bring a new form of entertainment to the Las Vegas Strip.”

Guests may be drawn to the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, but they’ll want to stay and feast on delicious BBQ selections at the restaurant. Served up by the lively wait staff outfitted in the signature line of Lynyrd Skynyrd clothing, the menu will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites such as biscuits and gravy, ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Signature side dishes include coleslaw, baked beans, okra and macaroni and cheese.

Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer also will offer an extensive selection of whiskey and bourbon in addition to creative and flavorful “shots” served from the Jack Daniels shot bar. A wide assortment of beers on tap and longnecks, including Texas favorites Shiner Bock and Lone Star will help quench any thirst.

A retail section complete with a frozen daiquiri bar will provide an added experience for guests. In addition to Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer signature clothing, glassware and accessories, the store will feature vintage collectibles from the band’s storied past including autographed guitars, exclusive group photos and original memorabilia.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer will transform into a late night, high-energy rock club in the evening.

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rebels1340 // March 21, 2012 8:17:37 AM UTC

i will go just before the next cruise !

from Paris, France,

Thierry http://www.lynyrdskynyrd.fr


kate4455 // March 03, 2012 7:23:38 AM UTC

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bendex // November 19, 2011 5:21:28 PM UTC

dec 8. 2011


bendex // November 19, 2011 5:17:24 PM UTC

@ls-number1fan: opening date is dec 8, 2011. man you should see all of the girls. that work there.better be there.


agr854 // October 13, 2011 8:40:32 PM UTC

Be there in December for NFR hopefully everything's rockin' by then

 Stat_bossiercitylouisianamay282011 004

Monica Skynyrd Fan // September 03, 2011 5:27:07 PM UTC

I wanna go!!!!

 Stat_free bird

ls-number1fan // August 13, 2011 9:25:12 PM UTC

Frynds, I know I've been away a long while again, but I love you all no matter where we meet.

What is the scoop on the Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer opening?? New Year's maybe?? Does anybody know anything firm?

I know RossingtonRules, Roadfatigue, Babydyk and y'all are holding out on me! TELL ME!!!

I'm in Orange County, CA and if there's to be an event like we all hope there will be, then I want to get as many of us there as humanly possible to start the place off right with some Skynyrd Nation love, support, and good times!!

Last, but not at all least, my prayers continue for Johnny to recover quickly and completely. Hugs and love to all!


ransam // August 09, 2011 5:06:41 PM UTC

i need a date for the opening....i can't wait to go. i'll be in vegas in mid december or January, hope it's open by then.


Evil Antoine // July 24, 2011 3:21:07 PM UTC

Damn wish I could be there!
But much comming all the way from the Netherlands Europe


danalynn // July 12, 2011 1:41:23 AM UTC

@Felipe Casaburi: Great! Thanks for the info - I'll keep checking so I can plan accordingly.

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