Little Rock Arkansas concert
May 27, 2012 10:31:52 PM UTC Post #1

I, along with many other wheelchair riders are really upset about where we had to be seated at your concert in little Rock Arkansas on 05/26/2012. We were being ran over and mauled by many patrons that could care less if we were hurt in their rants to stand and dance. I am a veteran, served in the Persian gulf, and I was grateful for the way you all stood in support of our Military.
Those of us that were in wheelchairs at the concert could not see even a glimpse of you. I almost feel like I was not welcome, they really should have given an area for wheelchair access only so we could enjoy the concert and not have to worry about getting injured more than we already are.
I just wanted to make you aware, since I am sure you had no idea. I was hoping to get to see you and show appreciation for your music. Maybe in upcoming concerts, bands can make a designated area for us that are disabled. Not to have special privileges, but to be and feel safe and be able to enjoy what we also have paid for. We can't stand and move around, so we get pushed around and hit in the head and stepped on. I have so many bruises and scratches from that night I hurt!
Rock on my friends and God bless you in your travels!

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