Kansas State Fair
September 16, 2013 7:50:16 PM UTC Post #1

I have grown up with you guys am your age unfortunately, but wiser. My daughter has never seen a concert and I took her to see you at Kansas State Fair 2013 and she was so excited and loved you concert, told me Johnny was a hottie. Said how cool was that my first concert with my dad. By the way after my retirement all I do is fish every chance I get at Webster Lake out of Stockton Ks. one of the best wiper lakes in the US, Caught several fish over 15+ pounds and caught a striper weighing 35.2 lbs. hanging on the wall at the park office, donated after years of hanging on my wall like your music wanted to share with other people, love you guys and your music and ever around Stockton, Ks. would love to put you on some big Wiper fish, for those of you who do not no the species it is a cross between a white bass and striper bass with white bass the male, where they get there awesome fight. Catch one on top water it is an explosion. Love your new album and cannot wait to see you again, If you guys ever met the fans after a concert like you are talking my daughter and I would love to met you. Thanks man and what ass kickin music, had my old bones movin at the Kansas State Fair.

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