Johnny did you like the picture you recieved in Lowell Mass on January 19, 2013.
August 14, 2013 7:25:56 PM UTC Post #1

My fiance and I have followed the band for years, always getting up close for the ultimate expirence. We captured a picture of Johnny singing "Free Bird" and coming down from the rafters in a ray of a light is an outline of his brother Ronnie looking down on Johnny. We presented this picture to Johnny in Lowell Mass on January 19th of this year. The band is coming to Cape Cod, where we live, and just wanted to know if Johnny like the photo. We would love to catch up with the band, almost like a meet and greet if this is possible. If this is at all possible, they can contact us at Thank you, Scott & Lu. You got that right!!! See you at the show!!!!

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