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April 25, 2010 4:15:08 PM UTC Post #1

Hey guys,
to start with the title pretty much has nothing to do with what im about to say
...couldnt think of a sensible title and thought id steal a few words from the boys

basically im a hardcore skynyrd fan , 18 , have been since i was about 9.
own every album , know every word, every quote, i love the old line up and i think the current line up is amazing.

But i recently saw skynyrd for the first ever time and felt like something inside me was ripped away.
i can honestly say. Lynyrd Skynyrds UK Manchester Appollo Gig. 2010 was the worst gig ive ever been to.

now im not looking for aload of people to start attacking this thread. happy for you to share your own oppinions, but dont hate me for having one, that wouldnt be very southern .

im posting this thread in the hope of getting a better unserstanding, not to start a skynyrd bashing.

basically i wanted to see the boys for years and then my girlfriend bought me the tickets for christmas and it was the greatest feeling ever ive never looked foward to anything so much! took 3 days off work , headed down to manchester , booked into a hotel an got ready for the greatest gig of all time.

and i was devistated, i wanted to leave after 3 songs, i really did, the only reason i didnt was my girlfriend had bought the tickets.
shed never listened to skynyrd and i told her how much she was going to love them , told her how amazing the new album was, how shed love some of the lighter tracks and how much shed relate to them.

the boys came out and all i heard was noise. its a while ago now but i think i can still remember the set list quite closley, and it was skynyrd nation ? correct me if im wrong.

but they came out and i couldnt hear a word. johnnys voice was drowned out by the noise...
i cant exactly call it noise because boys... perfect thats all i can say the guitars, the drums, EVERYTHING you got it just perfect!!

but the music was so loud i couldnt understand a word.

30 seconds in , i thought oh please no , but was certain by the time they were a few songs in the sound guys would have sorted it out.

but it never happened , i new what words i should have been hearing even though i couldnt hear them but that didnt help me enjoy it, i just couldnt get into it , and my girlfriend was standing there with totally no clue as to what she was hearing.

it didnt get any better, and the gig left me wanting to cry , these guys i had dreamed of seeing for as long as ive loved music , my favroute band , my heros put on the worst show id ever been too.

that night i went on and on to my girl about how it must have been the sound crew as if trying to convince myself that it was a fluke....but coming out i couldnt help but overhear the hundreds who were saying "WOW THAT WAS AMAZING" and i didnt understand it , was i at a diffrent show? was i the only non drunk person there? was i the only one wanting to hear vocals?

i really didnt understand it , i started to wonder if maybe thats just how skynyrd put on gigs? loud? and thats how the fans have always liked it?

or weather it was just a cock up with the sound crew.....

or weather perhaps johnny was having voice problems and tried to get a helping hand from the loud music?

i ran a million thoughts through my head ....getting home i logged onto leave this review and found a million posts about how amazing it was.
ticket master had around 15 posts to every 3 stating exactly what i noticed and i didnt get it , so i decided that must just be how skynyrd do it .....there were negative reviews from all accross the tour suggesting the same thing.

but watching a live gig from the tour in (i think it was new york **hd)) i cant quite remember, it deffinitley wasnt loud and it sounded perfect...what was the deal??

and finally the new album "The Gods And Guns World Tour"
i couldnt believe not only was i getting to see skynyrd but i was seeing them performing whilst they were touring this AMAZING album , couldnt wait to hear all these new tracks which deffinitley hld theyer own weight with all the old classics and the boys didnt play it?

i was just baffled and i dont know what word to use but im gonna go with the word "heart broken"

really im just wondering if any one else felt the same as i did and to the vertans out there who see the boys every year , can you shead any light? is that just the boys? or was i in a very bad part of the building :S ?

i still love skynyrd but i dont think i could take another blow like that , but i think im going to have to give them one last shot next time theyer in town , this time i really would walk out

but ..."things i like i try em twice"

would appreciate anything you have to say here guys and sory for it being a leanthy post id have used less words but i didnt have the energy

April 25, 2010 4:45:49 PM UTC Post #1

..I'm a loyal fan to the band and I hate to hear some one has had such an unpleasant time at the show..I'm sure there's a good explanation, the boy's I know gave it all they got. There's a mulitude of reasons why it sounded like it did to you.. My first thought is it could have been the venue it self, could have been the sound men, could have been the sound men were drunk. LOL
You just never know...I hope you'll hit another show, possibly at a different venue, "They are everything you ever thought of them, The best darn band ever"


April 26, 2010 10:53:57 PM UTC Post #2

I sit in the front row every time and I think the quality is great...


PS: speedy recovery to Bret Michaels

April 27, 2010 3:26:36 AM UTC Post #3

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I have seen Skynyrd at so many different kinds of venues across the South, and I have NEVER had a bad experience!!!!!!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

April 27, 2010 10:26:35 AM UTC Post #4

Last time I saw them,During freebird , the sound on my side went completely off.
I was on the Gary side-gee go figgure...and it went dead.All I could hear was him playing-thanks to those Amps he has.
I was thinking-it's a good thing I know the words to Freebird.
I'm sorry they had an off sound night when you saw them,but-it happens to every Band at one time or another,I think..
I'm going to see them again-They'll be here May 28th in a Great Venue.give them another chance if they come back.They are so good, and I don't go to see them in Concert just because they're cute-although,that helps!It's a Woman thing.As for them being loud-the louder the better.lol.

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September 07, 2010 1:16:59 PM UTC Post #5

dose any body have any videos from any gigs this year?

September 08, 2010 2:04:05 AM UTC Post #6

Sorry you had a bad experience. Skynyrd's sound has gotten a little louder over the years. If it didn't sound just right, it might be due to the fact that they play all of their songs a half step down to make johnnys job easier. Back when Ed was with the band the sound was perfect. I've heard that he was the reason for this.

September 08, 2010 12:16:07 PM UTC Post #7

I have not been able to see them perform live but i am happy to b a part of this community

I start my day by listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd :)

September 08, 2010 1:16:30 PM UTC Post #8

@Lela: me too everyday!when ya do get to see em ya will wanna see again and again and again.................................................

train roll on im many miles from my home i just need to ride my blues away

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