I was The Badman and had to change my name. :-)
June 06, 2013 3:33:53 PM UTC Post #1

I am just back to say fake Gary is still on the prowl. They haven't done nothing. So I guess our hands are tied. So I am letting it a lone, because you can't shut up the world. I just warn my new frynds that are on his frynds list. But if Gary did facebook I still would like to be his frynd. :-) its just a shame he don't.

June 07, 2013 2:15:23 AM UTC Post #1

I doubt if Gary even knows how to turn a Computer ON lol
Even if he does know how,I bet he is way too busy to keep up a Facebook Page.

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

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