I just Praise the Lord for you Gentlemen & the ladies of your Band!
October 31, 2009 6:46:37 PM UTC Post #1

Your Band Lynyrd Skynyrd is The Best American Rock
Band in the World,

I just like all the Hard work that you put into your Music and I have been blessed to see you Rock me and my Family out many times but each time is a experince that I will never forget, and I looking foward to you Music the next time, I just have one suggestion, I love all you Old Classic's and I would still like to here them. And I have so much respect You and your Brothers.

Johnny, since you been with the Band ,You have some really kick ass stuff
have wrote, Maybe you could play some of the new Skynyrd songs This stuff you have written and some of the rest of you Skynyrd Fans would love to here more . What do you think I'm just suggesting, I know the Lord has you and your band in his hands and that is the place to be for sure!

in Christ R.Scott

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