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Dear Lynyrd Skynyrd Band, I have loved yall since I first heard you. And the two of us go back before the plane crash (about 2 weeks to be exact). I saw the band when they Head-lined a "DAY ON THE GREEN" in Oakland,Ca. It started out to be something that was going to be rained out, and then the Outlaws came out and said "we're goin to rock these fuckin' clouds out of the fuckin' sky" and they did. And as impressive as that was it was just a fitttin' awy to open up what would be the last time the dearly missed members of the original group would ever bless my ears and others with their sweet song. Don't get me wrong, yall did the right thing breaking up the other groups to put Skynyrd back like ya did. I have been to see yall every time ya pass this way. There was one time I thought for sure there was goin to be a RIOT when the less than intellegent folks at theConcord Pavillion decided to turn on the "end of the show" lights in the middlle of FREE BIRD. It was at that time I knew that they must have wanted for us to tear the place down. But that would'nt have made me any better than the Dumb -ass who hit the lights early(and he'll have to live the rest of his life with that fuck-up).
Anyway the reason I'm contactin yall is not for me but for my son(who I started rockin before he was born- thats right ,I put my head-phones on my wifes belly while my son was still in it) And both of us have been rockin' long and hard ever since. I worked for ower Records for bout 8 Years and they sent me & my son to many concerts and backstage afterwards to meet the bands, However the one and only band we were never blessed enough to see together was The Back-bone of Southern Rock (always was & always will be) LYNYRD SKYNYRD! Heres where I'm hopin yall can help me. My son is in the U.S.NAVY. He is a Nuclear engineer on a Big Bad Submarine and foor my Birthday he sent me a pair of tickets to see yall perform in Stockton,Ca. at the Stockton Arena on Oct. 5th. The problem is that he won't be able to join me for the concert because he'll be "workin". And he works in Bremerton,Washington(technically its Banger,Wa) and won't be able to come home to Stockton till the 6th at the earliest , so what I'm hopin' yall might be able to do is to get me back or on stage with my Cam-Corder to send him some Skynyrd the way it was ment to be seen - up close and personal, not to mention Loud & Proud ! The 2 of us have seen perty dam close to the best there is to see when it comes to Great Rock & Blues Bands , but it won't ever be complete with-out him bein able to witness what I've been lucky enough to see(5 times total). So I was hopin' that yall might be able to do somethin for me to maybe let him know that we wish he was there with us on Oct.5th "rockin into the night" to quote the group 38 Special. I'm open to any other suggestions yall might have as well. Thanks for providing many years of music to blow dry my hair with! signed faithfully G. Shoeffler a.k.a. The Master Blaster at Roof Rockin' Recordings

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