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My name is Sarah and I was hoping to find a way to come in contact with the band. I have a huge favor to ask, but if there is anyway I can make this happen it would mean the absolute world to my father. My father Gerald has been a fan since the 70's and has been to more Skynyrd concerts than he can probably count. Last Friday evening he suddenly became ill and was rushed to the hospital for a brain aneurysm. Right now it is all a waiting game to see how he will recover. I wanted to be able to do something special for him to keep his spirits up, and something Skynyrd related would be amazing. If there is any way I could get a hold of a manager or someone else associated with the band about getting a signed photo or something of the sort for my father it would mean the world. If anything like this is possible, or anyone who reads this has any ideas about getting into contact with the band, my email is

God bless,

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