Hell ya it was worth the drive
October 01, 2013 6:07:16 AM UTC Post #1

Let me say this. I am a die hard Skynyrd fan! I am 51 and raised properly; meaning I love and respect The Lord and His teachings and I love a Skynyrd guitar solo. My son is 14 years old and plays a Les Paul Gary Rossington Gibson. This past Christmas, I purchased he and I perfect tickets to the show in Wendover. After waiting more than a few months, upon getting to the venue we found that a Nevada law wouldn't allow the 14year old in. I was stunned and he was heart broken. I watched part of the show and we started home to Utah. As we drove, I could tell he was really bummed. We talked about going to San Diego or one of the other shows. When we got home we were looking at future opportunities to see Skynyrd and realized there was a show in Greeley, CO the following night. We decided to go. Upon arriving, we were in the "standing room only" section. I was really worried we were going to have a less than stellar experience. Was I wrong! While standing in line, we met Alice and Ronnie. These two are Skynyrd stalwarts and just wonderful people. We talked about our experience and upon hearing the story, Alice said' "don't worry we'll figure something out." She did. We were able to stand against the rail which was awesome. The next thing we know Steve brought a bunch of autographed guitar picks for my son. Rossington and Medlocke were both right in front of us for much of the concert. This was just so incredibly awesome! I can hardly describe my sons joy nor express my appreciation to these good people. Only in the Skynyrd Nation! Any way to be a part of a meet and greet in the future? What a great band!

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