Halloween Galveston, TX 2009
November 02, 2009 2:33:44 PM UTC Post #1

Once again and as always, they ROCKED THE HOUSE!

Outstanding weather, great seats and people, couldn't have been better.

Promotion of the latest album, "God & Guns", is always welcome and up our alley here in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks LS, we love you all.


November 02, 2009 6:26:00 PM UTC Post #1

The concert Sat. nite was unpleasant. The sound system was so loud, that is "hurt" to listen. I moved all over the venue. I paid for a premium seat, but moved around to see if things sounded better. I also stood at the back of the venue, I moved to stage right and left. The bass drum made your chest hurt, the guitar mix was loud and made your ears ring! The group I was with felt the same. The band just didn't seem to be in sync. During Three Steps, Michael got off tempo and it was obvious.
I still love Skynyrd, but wonder what was wrong?

November 02, 2009 6:34:03 PM UTC Post #2

OOOOO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Skynyrd you rocked!!!!!!!! Not sure why people are so negative! Think you need to have a beer and chill a little!

November 03, 2009 10:01:27 AM UTC Post #3

@pattilovesjohnny: I did in fact have a couple of beers, they were good. If you saw Leon or Edgar, their sound level was balanced and did not overwhelm. I think the sound guy just got carried away with the volume when Skynyrd came on. Did you notice a volume change? I am a professional musician and play around venues in Texas. I am also over 40 and have been there and done that wall of guitar amp stuff. Quality over Quantity.......

November 04, 2009 3:35:06 PM UTC Post #4

I did not see Leon, but frankly Edgar was a huge disappointment for me. I usually like about anything live... and I thought Skynyrd ROCKED - but I would have to think twice about seeing them again if Edgar was the opener...hate to say that but just callin' it like I see it.

November 04, 2009 5:50:26 PM UTC Post #5

Not liking the opener wouldn't stop me from seeing Skynyrd, In fact wild horses wouldn't stop me. But us Brits don't get that many opportunities. I would just spend a little longer in the bar . As it happens, this year the opener was the excellant Aynsley Lister, an up and coming young British musician. I am now the proud owner of two of his albums, and very good they are too. Check him out on youtube. By the way, this isn't an advertisement, Just saying it as i see it .

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