Greenville S.C.
October 25, 2009 10:00:15 AM UTC Post #1

skynyrd kicked some oldschool last night at Greenville SC. Reminded me when I'd see them every year at Charlotte chrome dome on Independence Blvd.
Not a big crowd but just a great show by my boys !!!

October 25, 2009 1:50:24 PM UTC Post #1

Not a huge crowd at all, but they rocked it. The show was amazing.

Thanks for the awesome show.

October 27, 2009 10:59:58 AM UTC Post #2

I don't think that I've been to see a Skynyrd show that was not PACKED. What gives??

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

October 27, 2009 7:36:23 PM UTC Post #3

=Sweet Home AL Sara said:I don't think that I've been to see a Skynyrd show that was not PACKED. What gives??

I don't know, but I saw them the weekend before in Salisbury, MD and it was not a huge crowd either. It didn't really matter there weren't big crowds......they rocked.

November 26, 2009 5:16:44 AM UTC Post #4


Bilo Center in Greenville SC not a big venue maybe 19,000??

November 26, 2009 3:01:59 PM UTC Post #5


Yeah, I think that is what it holds, but there were only about 4,000 people (if that) at the show.

It was the same way the weekend before in MD, but that venue only holds about 5,500 and doesn't serve alcohol. Still there were only about 2,500 at that show. Both shows were empty, but still rocked.

November 29, 2009 3:03:47 PM UTC Post #6

let 'em come here again to Salt Lake, and i'll be the loudest and proudest fan there, and i know some of ya'll out here in the west may come to the "freedom concert" in august, the 27th 2010, hoping we'll be there too! and to hook up with folks from the "SKYNYRD NATION"! do i hear a great reason for a tailgate party?!


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