Great Meeting You AGAIN
August 21, 2012 1:45:04 PM UTC Post #1

I've been a longtime fan and had the good fortune of meeting Johnny and the band on a few occasions, most recently on August 17th. They are the definition of southern gentlemen. Johnny is like your pal next door, no ego or lead singer syndrome. Very personable and accesible. At the side of the stage during and after the Fox broadcast, items were signed, drum sticks handed out when requested, guitar picks handed out , and above all, this was done with sincerity and a smile. Johnny spoke with me and some colleagues within 3 minutes of hitting the stage not wanting to walk on until he politely wrapped up our discussion. For 8 am, the band was TIGHTER THAN A HEADLOCK and rocked the @$$ off of Sixth Avenue. As a trained vocalist myself who is in a band, I sang at full volume right beneath the stage and got a seemingly complimentary pointing of the index finger from Johnny mid song. I have met and commingled with MANY rock stars and 95% seemed to be going through the motions. With these boys, their spiritual connectivity with their Skynyrd Nation was undeniable. Last of a Dying Breed ? Yes, they are indeed. Rock on guys !!!! See you on tour.

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