God & Guns
August 25, 2010 5:15:33 PM UTC Post #11

=RossingtonRules said:If you like the first CD of God N Guns- You are going to LOVE the second one

Wait...there's a second one? Or going to be another one? When? (And for a guy who usually knows all Skynyrd info the minute anything's leaked...this is news to me )

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August 25, 2010 8:37:48 PM UTC Post #12

=DarlaJean said: I am driving my boyfriend nuts. He loves Skynyrd, but I play it all the time. ...... I was hoping to hear more than just Skynyrd Nation at the concert that night. Don't get me wrong I almost peed my pants when they all came on stage and it took 4 days for my voice to come back! The show was awesome!

DarlaJean - I totally agree!! I haven't played anything else except Skynyrd (and Blackfoot 'cause I love Rickey) for months and months and months. My co-workers and friends are probably tired of hearing me ramble on and on. My CD & DVD collection for both has grown immensely and I'm loving every minute and every song. God & Guns is #1 of 6 CD's in my car. I can't get enough of it and the classic songs especially the previously un-released material. Right now I am listening to Vicoius Cycle and loving it as well!

I was bummed they only played a few cuts off God & Guns at the show I saw, but they have so much to choose from. I was hoping that they would play the ENTIRE version of God & Guns instead of just the acoutic part, but they didn't play it at all. They did play my favorite songs - Still Unbroken! I'd love to see them do a TV special of just God & Guns! I hope it does't take them 3 years to put out a live CD/DVD from this tour.

RossingtonRules - what 2nd CD?? I did get the Special Edition of the God & Guns CD - is that what you are talking about?

August 25, 2010 8:50:01 PM UTC Post #13

When I was at Moondance in Minnesota, I was asking around about the new cd and who had heard it.....no one standing in the front with me even knew there was a new one! What is up with that?

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