Gary Rossington
June 04, 2012 4:57:50 PM UTC Post #1

Gary Rossington, I've been trying to get in contact through the years, have failed each time. I understand how hard it is to get in touch with a famous person. It didn't used to be that way back in the day, going way back to 1969 & '70 at the "Comic Book Club" in Jacksonville, Fla. My boyfriend at that time was Rick Moulton who ran the spot light for you guys. Rick's Sister my best friend and room mate, Judy Moulton and I worked while you guys played the best music we ever heard! We all used to hang out with you guys when you jammed and sometimes even with the Allman being just out of high school was the most amazing experience in my life to this day besides having children! I have still played your music, and closing my eyes still see you all on that stage while all of us danced the night away.
Gary, it was you that drove up in a limo behind the stadium you all were playing at and saw me, parked behind the stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, I called out your name and you stopped, turned around and said my name with a question mark as if you remembered my voice or just by seeing said: "Shelley"? I said: "yeah"!!
You told me to park the car and come in the back way where you had arrived in the limo, you got my aunt and I back stage passes, at the end of the concert, you told us to follow the limo to the hotel and said go fast or you'll loose us. We stuck with you, wasn't surprised you had the whole top floor to yourself!
It was also the last time I got to speak to Ronnie, he said you guys missed home, we talked for awhile on the balcony, we didn't stay too long and we said our good bye's and good luck's before we left.
The last I got to see You All Together was 1976....36 years ago. May Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins R.I.P....loved them so much~ Hope I won't have to wait too much longer to be able to see You again old friend.
If you happen to read this post, or even maybe someone who is your promoter. sponsor or reads these post for you...I've been trying for so long to get in touch with you. I'm just an old friend who would love to come to see You again, see you in concert before I get too old. We are the same age now, 60. I was in the hospital in April of this year, a very close call with a blood clot in my lung, but it wasn't time for me to go.
It is my only request to be able to see You and listen to the greatest music of all time, The Lynyrd Skynyrd~
You can find me under Shelley Crescenzi on Facebook, saw you on fb gave it a try to request you as a friend. Hope you see it, I'm blonde on my profile picture.
Praying everyday one of these messages will finally reach You, also that You will get in touch with me.
God Bless You & Yours Always Gary Rossington~

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