Fresno Gig
October 05, 2012 11:17:29 PM UTC Post #1

I just wanted to send a message to the Band.You Guys ROCK!!!
Several times the crowd was asked to respond.
I booked several seats for my family.
My Son ,Son in law and I are big dudes and the Seating must of been laid out for Kids.
I had no room to move and had to turn sideways for most of the Show.
When my Wife and Daughter went to get us some Beers I was able to Clap and Yell with no problem.
I think the Seating had a lot to do with the crowd being a little on the Quite Side once and a while.Thanks for your encore of Free Bird,the RIF at the end was worth the price of admission all by itself.

October 06, 2012 3:18:42 AM UTC Post #1

Been a fan for years but took this long to finally get to see Skynrd. And yeah, you guys F'n rock!
First I have to say that Johnny is a first class showman and imo set the mood. The whole time on stage he looked to be having a good time and enjoying himself, not "just doing a job". I thought the band was energetic, played cleanly, and the sound was awesome! I do have to admit I was a little disappointed you guys didn't play "That ain't my America"
Anyway, thanks for playing last night, I enjoyed the show and my family did too. I can't think of anything cooler I'd rather do than sit down and have a beer with Johnny and talk about the South.
Thanks guys

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