First Sighting
October 22, 2009 5:29:22 PM UTC Post #1

I was banging on at work about the greatest band in the world, and I told them about the first time I ever saw the guys 'live'......It was way back in October 1975. Gimme Back My Bullets tour, Sheffield City Hall UK.
I couldn't beleive what I was seeing, Allen flailing around all over the stage, Gary cool as cool strolling back and forward driving mean growling riffs from his Les Paul without ever looking up. Artimus smashing his way around the kit, Billy banging out some mean honky tonk riffs all held together by the driving bass of Leon. The honkettes embellishing this wall of sound. At the front a mean looking dude with a menacing southern drawl, barefoot and bandaged up. I was 15 and a lifelong convert. I saw them 18 times in all, including that legendary day at Knebworth in '76.

I've seen almost every band worth seeing over the years, but no-one and I mean no-one smashed me to bits in seconds like these guys.

I'm 50 now and I still raise a glass now and again to the guys.....

Anyhoo, thanks for reading, what was your first sighting?

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