August 29, 2010 9:36:33 PM UTC Post #1

Hey , I was wasting some time while the wife was getting dolled up and found a Rossington Collins Band VINAL lpr. It is in very good shape. Title: This is the Way, complete with jacket!!. Not an easy find for me,
anyone else have a find like this?

August 30, 2010 1:57:59 PM UTC Post #1

I have that one and it is in Near Mint condition. Still has the paper inside where you could order RCB stuff.

One of the luckiest finds I ever had was when I went to a flea market and there were about 1000 records for $1 a piece. I went through just about every singlerecord there and bought about 20 of them. But when I found a near mint condition Thriller album from Michael Jackson I was excited. I DO NOT like Michael Jackson. However this was about 2 weeks after his death and this record was going on ebay for $200-$300. Needless to say I bought that and made a good amount of money off of it to get me some SKYNYRD STUFF!!!

And This Bird You'll Never Change

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