Fan club tickets
March 04, 2013 4:23:35 PM UTC Post #1

Do we not get Fan club presales anymore ?

March 06, 2013 4:11:16 PM UTC Post #1

Looks like LYNYRD SKYNYRD has decided to FUCK THEIR FANS!!!!!!!

IT's ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! NOW Ticket Master and Stub Hub and ALL THE REST get to RIP-OFF Skynyrd FANS.

Ronney would have KICKED SOME ASS!!!!! SKYNYRD now has NO Leader and WE PAY THE PRICE.

March 08, 2013 2:14:31 AM UTC Post #2

They automatically deducted the dues on my card and shut the fan club as it was down shortly after. Pretty disgraceful way to treat loyal fans that have supported this band for 30+ years. Wish someone would respond to these issues and bring the fan benefits back.

March 08, 2013 3:42:44 AM UTC Post #3

have to agree with this post, its disappointing i paid that fee then a few weeks later, canceled the fan club with no refund. I love this band but i hate this website and how it operates.

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