Family Of Gary Rossington
June 16, 2011 12:02:51 PM UTC Post #1

Hi Gary,
My name is Sherry Fager Russell. I am Merle and Ada Petro's Grandaughters'. We stopped at your family home in Jacksonville long ago and met your mom Berniece, sister who at the time was working for the phone company and stayed for a visit. You could not come visit because you were in physical therapy at the time, My family is from Indiana, Swayzee and the area. My Grandpa was your Mom's first cousin. Wanted to send a note because this might be my last chance due to illness. Most of the family is gone. I know your Mother passed and I am sorry, I lost my Mom in 2009. She was their( Ada and Merle) only child. Ada, my wonderful Grandmother passed on 04/08/2000, William Merle Petro passed 04/28/2005, only a few Petros are left but Mom packed the church in Nashville Michigan as well as her parents. Peolple came from Marion, Peru, Swayzee and differnt part of Indiana as well as around Hastings Michigan where we live.
I am on FB if you would like to contact me. We are the same age. It's listed as Sherry Russell. I have most of the family albums between my sister and I with lots of great pictures from when they wintered in Bradenton. I use to drive them back and forth when it was to hard on Grandpa to do this.

Best Regards

I am the grandaughter of Merle and Ada Petro from Swayzee Indiana. I use to take thm to and from Bradento Fla. and met Berniece McGraw. Gary will want to know this, sorry this is the only way I know to try to contact. Merle and Ada are gone as well as my

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