Don't trash the site
May 06, 2012 5:42:22 AM UTC Post #1

I might not agree with all that happens but DO NOT TRASH THIS SITE! This is place where all fans can talk (for the most part). If you are a fan then you talk to others.If all you want is a discount, you are not a fan, you don't hear the words. At the worst time in my life fans talked to me to help me through almost losing the love of my life. 5 months ago I almost lost my Barb, Hooty helped and so did more.I want to invite Hooty and family to the next Skynyrd show in Milwaukee or surronding area! Barb will be there with us. If ALL YOU WANT IS VIP SEATING AND DISCOUNTS you are not a real part of SKYNYRD NATION!

May 06, 2012 1:06:27 PM UTC Post #1

I've been seeing LS since before you were born and so have a lot of others. We Paid money to be in the fanclub...But,as for me, I'm happy to be at the venue,no matter where the seats are.I DO have compassion for the younger and new fans who get screwed by the fan club. Apparently, you weren't around when we had the rebel report , etc. So you don't know how bad this fanclub is. We want news of the band kept current.Nothing on the mainpage about a new bass player.but,they have one.Is it a crime to want to see current news and new photos etc?we paid for that.So people want good seats-so?We love LS and would like to see them up close if possible.That makes us bad fans?? I don't think so. That's true of any group you like and go out to see in concert. I had tenth row when they came here in 1999 with ZZTOP,because I was in the old fanclub-got GREAT Photos.Would not have happened without the old club designating a fan club section.In my opinion kid it is YOU who is not a part of the Skynyrd Nation.We just deported you.WE get along.WE support this Band completely I first saw them in 1973.
I've got well over a hundred shows under my belt ,and so do a lot of others here. we love them and support them in every way.SO we want good seats-yeah,we do. But if not,oh well.Shame on US lol.People like YOU-who come on the board, not to discuss the music etc..but come on to tell us we are not fans and post this one-Again-YOU are not a part of OUR Nation.

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