Do Any of you guys/gals remember?
February 19, 2010 1:01:31 PM UTC Post #1

I am not sure if it was 73 or 74 but it was when you all were really getting rolling. A few freinds from the Gainsville area (Kissimie I think) were up visting us and said they knew you all when you played the bar seen down in the FLA area. Their names were Pat Sikes and Mike Sovine, Dont know if any of you all remember. You all were going to be playing and Pat said I know them guys I will go up to the hotel and get free tickets. We were all thinking they wer full of it. But sure enough they came back with 7-8 free tickets to the best show I had ever been to. I think it was right after Second Helping was released. You all have been one of my faviorite bands ever since. I have allways related to your songs and almost fell like I know you all.

God Bless and Keep on Keeping on!

Andy Grimm
Charleston, WV

February 20, 2010 11:20:21 AM UTC Post #1

Great post....... from a loyall fan!


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