Concert in Greece
January 10, 2010 4:23:02 AM UTC Post #1

Hello guys

There are so many Lynyrd Skynyrd fans in Greece. When are yuou going to come to Athens for a concert? You have never been here, it's worth it, at least once!!

Many other bands have been here.

Looking forward to it!

Best greetings

October 01, 2010 8:34:53 PM UTC Post #1

Hey guys WE WANT you! Please come ! ..... This is my dream ! I want to see you live ! ... Best regards, Evan

October 01, 2010 8:37:57 PM UTC Post #2

Hey something else. If you come at Greece you will never forget it. We are crazy here. You can see that at other concerts. Compare us with English for example.
Something else. WE REALLY WANT YOU !!!

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