Concert at Northern Quest Casino in Spokane Washington
September 19, 2011 5:18:58 PM UTC Post #1

I was disappointed with the concert last night.
While this was supposed to be the God & Guns tour you didn't play "God & Guns" , "That Ain't My America" and many others. I realize it was a small venue however I put out alot of money to see one of my all time favorite bands and only got to see MAYBE an hour and a half. I happen to know the venue was scheduled for 3 hours.
Maybe you don't need the money anymore and do this for fun and maybe it just wasn't fun enough for you. I however work extremely hard for my money and feel like i got ripped off.
You guys were great at the songs you did play you just needed to play more
Stacy H.

March 25, 2012 2:31:40 AM UTC Post #1

I live in Orlando, FL (Larry The Cable Guy (Dan Whitney) Lives 2 Miles from my dock) and the concert that I saw yesterday was "(Fantastic!) but not what this band normally kicks out!

I flew up from Orlandlo, FL to Spokane to see this concert as well as to see my very good friends from Medical Lake, WA! I have been to several LS concerts in the South, this was a great show but very different from what we see in Florida Show. They cut it short due to lack of the croud insperation (lack of confederate flags) but this was worth the 2,700 miles traveled each way to see LS and my dear friends from Medical Lake. WA! Go Cards!

If any of you get to the South, you may understand what these guys are all about all allong with Molley Hattachet, The Outlaws, Rossington, Collings Band, Black Foot, and all of the other "Southern Rock Bands" that came into the scene betwneen 1998 and beyond!

I felt sorry for the band as they were out of there elemet. I was the only redneck flyng a confederate flag in the whole audience and I was so out of place. Back home, LS would have had over 2000 Confederate flags flying so I know that they were totally wiged out and didn't know how to respond to the "Spokane" croud.

Just realize, right or wrong, things are very differnt in the "South but they do love Spokane!!!".
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