Can we make a wish come true?
May 05, 2011 10:47:27 PM UTC Post #1

Good Evening, My name is Jana and I'm writing this as a Wish for my children, In May 2007 my kids lost their real Father and he loved your music and at his funeral we played 2 of your songs in memory of him, he unfortunately was a huge alcoholic and chose it over a lifetime with his children, Now all they have left is their love of your music and memories of the Father they'll never get to share anymore times with, I want to make an Oprah 1st Wish guys, I know your totally overly busy but guys I want to give my kids the hugest surprise, My daughter throws a Halloween party outside every year where everyone dresses up and eats and gets drunk, I want this 4 them so badly guys, Its my 1 time to do something extra special 4 them on the 5th year of his death, please Guys, Please please please I'm begging. A True devoted fan Jana Thomas

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