Bye 2009... Hello 2010
December 30, 2009 7:52:43 PM UTC Post #1

As 2009 comes to a close and the end of the decade I'd like to look back at where Skynyrd Nation come and where it's going.

The decade brought two new cd's, three Lyve cd's (Bootlegs & Vicious Cycle). Hopefully we'll see another Lyve cd in 2010.

We've seen members pass Leon, Hughie, BP & Ean RIP Freebird's..

We've seen new members added to the Skynyrd family, Sparky, Peter & Robert, "Welcome"..

So with the end of '09, we look to 2010 and beyond...

I would like to thank all of the members of Skynyrd Family for carrying on what was started so many years ago in Jacksonville, FL.. Thank You...

From the bus drivers, truck drivers, roadies, tech's who bring us all those great lyve shows. Thank You...

The web master's who keep Skynyrd Nation Lyve and connected. Thank You..

From headlining to opening up (WRONG!!) for someone else. THANK YOU for a great year and for a great decade of shows.

Here's looking forward to the next decade. Wishing everybody in Skynyrd Nation heath & happiness!!!

God Bless and KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!

I'm not dead, at least not yet, Still Alone, Still Alive, STILL UNBROKEN....

December 30, 2009 10:31:37 PM UTC Post #1

Not much to add to either posts, but I second the above great posts and shares! Keep the Faith, Alway', "Rock Suthyn"!


December 31, 2009 1:49:16 PM UTC Post #2

@mcskynyrd: Wat yall said.............................. AMEN !


January 01, 2010 7:05:21 AM UTC Post #3

May 2010 be one of the best years ever for Skynyrd and fans! God bless/thank you for the Freedom tour!

January 01, 2010 11:01:54 AM UTC Post #4

From the bus drivers, truck drivers, roadies, tech's who bring us all those great lyve shows. Thank You...

That was GREAT of you to remember the ones "behind the scenes". I think that we all too often forget the work that goes into a tour. Thanks!!

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

January 02, 2010 9:11:45 PM UTC Post #5

May 2010 be a blessing not only to the band but to the whole Skynyrd Nation!

Is it me or does this 2010 sound wierd??????
Never thought I'd see it!

GOD Bless us all!

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