Big Announcement
January 27, 2010 6:06:34 PM UTC Post #11

Boy.....I go off on a cruise for a few days and look and all that I have missed.

Ain't nothing sweeter than a Southern girl!

January 27, 2010 7:33:37 PM UTC Post #12

PrinceCharming wrote:

At least Gene is doing something about getting this thing going. Now is the time. We can't afford to lose anymore members, family members or affiliates. These people are very important to the story. What is Judy waiting for? Whether you like Gene or not, we need someone to get it started.

Agreed! Very, very good point. These people will *not* around forever. I hope that Gary R. will contribute to this process too. As an original and integral band member, more than anyone still living, has a lot to share, and I hope he does. What I really wish he'd do, is team with a decent writer and put together a definitive biography of the band. Historically, Skynyrd is a very important American rock group, and needs to be given their due attention. After these people pass away, a lot of memories are going with them.

As far as the movie is concerned, I feel pretty positive. If it's really to be a "major motion picture", as Gene indicated, and if it's done well (subjective, I know!), it will be an incredible accomplishment, and honour to the band. Many new people around the world will discover this band through this film; new fans will be made.

Love your user name, by the way. That nickname has always amused me!



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