Best Memory
January 26, 2010 12:59:16 AM UTC Post #1

We were young in 1975 and wanted to feel alive we went to see our favorite band and we were on the front row. I was wearing a white cowboy hat when Ronnie reached out to me. He was trying to hand me a bottle of whiskey when the guy next to me grabbed it and drank it down. No this is not a song but it actually happened to me. It was one of the best shows I can remember and I get to tell this story to anyone who talks about the Greatest Southern Band that will ever be. Ronnie was wearing his usual and was barefoot walking across the whole stage.

January 26, 2010 6:14:40 PM UTC Post #1

Again a great story 'bout RVZ. I have a little one too, and really, THEY AIN'T MUCH DIFFERENT AT ALL . So good that they were/are SIMPLE MEN. Never fake,and look were they are. Can't name any other band of that size ... Oooh, that sweet Southern smell ...

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